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Anchor: Nigeria’s Pioneer in Embedded Finance Secures $2.4M to Innovate and Expand

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Portrait of Segun Adeyemi, co-founder and CEO of Anchor

Segun Adeyemi, leading the revolution in Nigeria’s embedded finance with his venture, Anchor

Redefining the embedded finance landscape in Nigeria, Anchor, a banking-as-a-service (BaaS) innovator, successfully procured $2.4 million in seed capital. Spearheading this financial round was Goat Capital, founded by Justin Kan. Additionally, seasoned investors like FoundersX, Rebel Fund, and alumni supporters like Y Combinator and Byld Ventures joined the fray.

Celebrating its debut last year, Anchor unveiled its core mission: empowering developers with cutting-edge APIs, intuitive dashboards, and strategic tools to seamlessly integrate banking solutions. Despite fierce competition from counterparts like JUMO, Maplerad, OnePipe, and Bloc, Anchor has carved a niche for itself.

Traditional banking paradigms have struggled to stay relevant in the whirlwind of digital transformation. This has spotlighted BaaS platforms, making them go-to allies for neobanks and various ventures keen to amalgamate finance within their operations. BaaS platforms, like Anchor, promise agility, cost-effectiveness, and bespoke services, enabling entities to navigate bank accounts, payments, savings, and even card functionalities seamlessly.

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Anchor’s Innovative Edge

Aligning with esteemed regulated banks, Anchor’s mantra is clear: Convert the arduous journey of developing banking products from a years-long marathon to a matter of days. Originally catering to individual accounts, Segun Adeyemi, Anchor’s dynamic co-founder and CEO, reveals the platform’s evolved arsenal. Now, they offer business accounts, card generation, bill settlements, mass payouts, international transfers, and exclusive developer-centric features.

Adeyemi, having founded Anchor alongside Olamide Sobowale and Gbekeloluwa Olufotebi, boasts, “Our diversified offerings are unparalleled in today’s market landscape. An in-depth comparison with contemporaries will reaffirm our unique position.”

Growth Metrics: From Humble Beginnings to Robust Expansions

Making its debut last August, Anchor initiated its journey with about 30 prospective clients. Today, the tally impressively stands at 270, with 63 firms actively engaging on the platform. Their diversified client base spans fintechs, e-commerce hubs, SaaS organizations, and other tech-forward enterprises. Notable mentions include Bujeti, Pennee, SeamlessHR, LifeBank, Waza, and Zit.ng.

The fintech powerhouse, mentored by Y Combinator, takes pride in enabling a whopping $550 million in annual total transaction volume (TTV) for its partners. Anchored by a revenue surge of 30% monthly, their income stems from processing, account and card issuance fees, and accrued interest.

Despite their grand vision to revolutionize embedded financing for Nigeria’s corporate giants, the realization dawned that these behemoths were not yet ripe for a digital overhaul. Adeyemi shares, “It was evident that the digital metamorphosis for many would span years. Our startup ethos emphasizes agility. Thus, we pivoted, channeling our energies towards digitally agile and tech-savvy businesses.”

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Blueprint for Tomorrow: Strategies & Alliances

Reflecting on the year gone by, Adeyemi underscores pivotal learning. The importance of competitive pricing, carving new revenue streams, and enhancing compliance protocols. “Post this funding, our resolve is steadfast. We aim to elevate our compliance framework, infuse more value through products like our ledger system, and broaden our clientele,” he explains.

With projections indicating the global embedded finance sector touching a staggering $384.8 billion by 2029, Africa is poised to contribute a substantial 10%. In this panorama, Anchor is eyeing a $7 billion opportunity in Nigeria alone. Their strategic alliance with MTN, Nigeria’s telecom titan’s fintech segment, promises exponential growth.

Furthermore, early-stage talks hint at Anchor’s pan-African ambitions. This as sparked enthusiasm from Goat Capital’s Kan. “Africa’s embedded finance sphere, though in its infancy, is escalating rapidly, boasting a 30% CAGR. Anchor’s trajectory is commendable, earmarking it as a potential sector frontrunner,” Kan opines.

In sum, Anchor is not just sailing; it’s set to conquer uncharted waters in the embedded finance domain.

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