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Reverting to Chrome’s Classic Download Bar: A 2023 Guide

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As browser designs change, many users seek ways to embrace these digital transformations while retaining aspects they cherish. One such recent metamorphosis is Google Chrome’s download notification redesign. Most users are caught between two ends. Embrace the future or cling to the past. For users looking to switch back to the nostalgic full-width download bar, here’s a guide on how to achieve that in 2023.

Understanding Chrome’s Latest Download Display

In the contemporary Chrome layout, downloads no longer appear as a bar at the screen’s bottom. Instead, users can now find a compact notification near the address bar, showcasing a download icon. While streamlined and space-efficient, this alteration isn’t universally beloved.

Google Chrome's new download icon positioned at the top-right corner next to the address bar

Google Chrome’s Updated Look: The Download Icon’s New Home!

Steps to Regain the Chrome’s Classic Download Bar

If you’re among those missing the expansive, vintage Chrome download bar, you can follow these steps to get back your old feel:

1. Start by opening your Chrome browser and directing it to chrome://flags.
2. Locate the “Enable download bubble” option, typically set to active by default.

Close-up of Chrome flags page with "Enable download bubble" option in focus.

Navigating to the “Enable download bubble” Setting.

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3. Opt for “Disabled” in the flag’s drop-down to deactivate it.
4. A prompt for a browser relaunch will appear. Click “Relaunch”.

Dropdown menu under "Enable download bubble" set to "Disabled" with a "Relaunch" prompt at the bottom of Chrome's settings

Disabling the New Download Bubble & Prompting a Browser Relaunch

5. Once rebooted, Chrome will reintroduce downloads with the iconic wide bar at the screen’s base. Voila! you have your chrome’s classic download bar

Google Chrome's bottom screen displaying the classic, wide download notification bar.

Back to Classics: Chrome’s Vintage Download Bar Restored!

Considering Modern Screen Dynamics

While the pull of nostalgia is undeniable, it’s worth noting that laptop users, especially those with limited screen space, might benefit from the new design. Moreover, 2023’s Chrome flags aren’t just about download bars—they offer a host of other innovative features to boost your browsing experience.


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