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Apple M3 MacBook Pro, What We Know So Far

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In a recent development as reported by beebom, Apple has officially announced its ‘Scary Fast’ event, which is anticipated to unveil the new Apple M3 chip. Alongside this, there’s a buzz about the launch of a new MacBook Pro. Interestingly, just days before the event, details of the MacBook Pro equipped with the M3 chip seem to have surfaced online.

The Leak in Detail

The leak, which was shared by a user named ShrimpApplePro on X (previously known as Twitter), showcases the product packaging of the upcoming MacBook Pro. This user is recognized for their credible Apple leaks in the past. The packaging displayed in the leak aligns with Apple’s signature design aesthetics. A notable feature on the box is the wallpaper that appears to shape the number ‘3’, hinting at the third-generation Apple M3 processor that is expected to power the new MacBook Pro. The overall look of the box suggests it’s for a MacBook Pro rather than an Air variant. However, it’s essential to approach this leak with caution as its authenticity hasn’t been confirmed, and the final product packaging might differ.

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Anticipated Features of the New MacBook Pro

The Apple M3 chip is set to be the highlight of the upcoming MacBook Pro. As Apple continues its transition to ARM, the M3 chip is eagerly awaited and is expected to debut in the October 2023 event. While specific details about the chip remain under wraps, it’s speculated that the M3 will offer enhanced power efficiency and a significant performance boost. For context, the M2 chip, in comparison to its predecessor M1, had an increase in transistor count by approximately 4 billion. It’s believed that the M3 will follow suit with a similar substantial leap.

Furthermore, the manufacturing process of the M3 chip is expected to be a game-changer. Unlike the M2, which was built on a 5nm process, the M3 is anticipated to be constructed on a 3nm process. When the M2 was introduced, Apple claimed it delivered an 18% speed increase in CPU performance and a 35% boost in GPU performance. With the M3’s advanced 3nm manufacturing process, it’s predicted to be even faster and more energy-efficient.


The tech community is abuzz with excitement for Apple’s upcoming MacBook Pro with the M3 chip. As we await Apple’s official announcement, these leaks and speculations have certainly heightened the anticipation.

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