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Apple Moves From Fourth To First On The Smartphone Shipment Leader Board

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Apple gets to go on top again for the first time in four years. We reckon that there’s a wild party going on at Apple Park right now because Apple’s marketing team made a massive leap to get here. 

Only in Q3 2020, the brand was still placed fourth on the ranking list. As at the time, Apple came behind Xiaomi who was placed third.

Conversely, Samsung and Huawei have been sailing on another plane. Both brands have maintained leading positions quarter on quarter since Q1 2018.

Sadly, (but not for the Apple team) Samsung’s winning streak has been brought to a halt. 

Quarterly Smartphone Shipment report.

Apple sales in Q4

Apple sold more phones than any other smartphone brand in the final quarter of 2020.

According to an IDC report, the tech giant recorded shipment of over 90.1 million units of its phones during the quarter.

A parallel research firm, Gartner puts the numbers at nearly 80 million in its report. 

Apple refrains from reporting the volume of its smartphone sales.

However, they’re not shy to report revenue. According to the company, revenue from iPhone grew by 17% in Q4 2020 in comparison to Q4 2019.

The 17% growth puts its revenue cap at $65.6 billion. It’s no surprise that Apple had its best sales month in December.

It has been the brand’s custom to peak in the final quarter.

However, pushing Samsung and Huawei back, one step respectively, was unexpected. 

Total global smartphone shipment fell 5.4% in the previous year. However, Apple’s unit sales grew by 3.3%. 

Apple’s Q4 sales gave them a huge boost for the year

The tech giants’ Q4 shipment was massive enough to send them straight to second place for total shipment during the year.

Samsung managed to retain the first position for total shipment through the year with over 253 million unit sales.

Apple in the second position sold close to 200 million units while Huawei and Xiaomi followed from a distance with 182.6million and 145.8 million respectively.  

Total Global Smartphone Shipment data 2020

These numbers prove that Apple weathered the pandemic storm much better than a majority of its competitors. 

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The biggest shipment drop was from Huawei. The Chinese smartphone maker witnessed unit sales drop by 24.1% in 2020.

The company was caught in Trump’s web last year and as the numbers show, the effects were severe.

Sadly, the company still struggles with U.S. sanctions at the moment. Samsung has managed to escape the sanction.

However, they also witnessed a 14.6% decline in shipment based on Gartner’s report. 

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