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Best Headphones for Joggers You Can Buy In 2021

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If you go jogging every morning, then you would know that some of the things that can keep you going on that stride is music or an early morning podcast.

Moreover, you might probably be looking for wireless headphones to accompany you on your early morning jogging. But we know that wired headphones wouldn’t be as comfortable as wireless headphones. this is because, wired headphones can get on the way while jogging and disrupt the experience.

Another thing that can happen is if you lose your headphone while running, it would be sad.

But you don’t have to worry for we have gathered the best headphones for joggers in 2021 to give you the best jogging experience you want.

What are Headphones?

Headphones are speakers that are small in size. They are majorly worn around the ear, over the ear or on the ear. They enable a user to listen to a sound privately without the sound emitting out. Unlike a speaker that emits sound loudly to the air that people within a radius can hear.

Headphones can also be referred to as ear speakers or earphones or earpieces. They are used with devices like phones, radios, laptops or Mac, etc.,

While jogging in the street, a headphone helps to keep your mind focused and helps you to steady your pace.

You might consider jogging alone as a boring thing, especially if you are a music enthusiast. Or if you need to receive an urgent call while jogging a headphones would be helpful in such a case.

What to look out for in your selection of best headphones for joggers

Looking for the best headphones for joggers can be very tedious as there are many things to consider. Below we would consider some of the things you should know before deciding the best headphones for joggers.


There are several brands of headphones. Some are popular; some are not so popular. Still, deciding the headphone you want to buy should be determined by the brand you like. There are several brands of headphones you can choose from. They include Apple, Sony, Mpow and many more.


Headphones come at different prices. Some are very affordable, while some are expensive. Depending on your budget, you can select from the list we provided below.

However, the prices of headphones might reflect the type of quality the headphone gives; also, it might not be.


There are several types of headphones like the In-Ear headphone, Over-Ear, Open Ear headphones and other types. Before buying a headphone, you should consider the type that works better for you and makes you comfortable.

Some people like headphones that are neatly tightened to their inside ear, while some like headphones over their ears.


Before selecting a headphone, there are many things to consider. You should know headphone differs by features. There are headphones with active noise cancellation, headphones with great sound quality, depending on the functions and features you desire for your headphone to have.

Battery life

It wouldn’t be a nice jogging experience after few hours of running; your headphone suddenly doesn’t make sound again. We know how annoying that can be.

Getting a headphone that would last you throughout your jogging hour is of priority. And it should be a prevalent consideration when looking out for a headphone to buy.


Most joggers are possibly looking for a headphone that is lightweight and not heavy; that would stand firm on their ears without losing it. Also, they would want a headphone that won’t cause any form of discomfort or pain to them while striding. So, while considering the best headphones for you to buy in 2021, you should consider what gives you comfort.


Active noise-cancelling headphones wouldn’t be the best headphones for joggers, as they need to know what’s going on in their environment.

Also, for them to hear incoming vehicles and cyclists to prevent accidents and casualties. Getting a headphone that would serve you clear and quality sound is a priority. But much more is a headphone that can ensure safety and security for users.

So, when considering the best headphone for joggers, you should know to buy the one that gives quality sound and has an open end for noise.

Best Headphones for joggers

Below is a list of the best headphones for joggers in 2021.

Bose Sport open earbuds

It is an IPX4 rating with a water-resistant/proof body, making it the best jogger headphone. If you sweat a lot while jogging, you don’t need to worry about anything.

The interior and exterior of the headphone are designed with a serial grade thermoplastic design that gives it strength and structure.

The pair is geared for runners or joggers who don’t like any form of buds inside their ears. They are designed to sit on top of their ears.

So, it is an open earbud for open conversations. Its Bluetooth enablement grants the headphone easy and swift connectivity to devices. And so users can make clear calls and access their voice assistants, like Siri and Google assistant, with an advanced microphone system designed to focus only on the user’s voice.

Using a headphone with wires could be less comfortable for runners, especially from the wires’ intrusion or tangles.

However, using the wireless Bose headphone would ensure complete freedom for the users.

Also, it has open audio designed to allow the joggers or runners to know what sounds are going on in the environment, making it a secure and comfortable headphone for runners.

Even though they listen to music or take calls, they can still hold natural conversations with people around them.

Some other features of Bose Sport open earbuds

You should also know that Bose Sport open earbuds have a control key that allows users to manage the headphone function. You can use it to stop, play, pause, adjust volumes, reject calls and take calls through the headphone. This is while your phone is in your pocket or bag.

All you need to do is a simple tap or push to access whatever you want.

The battery life of the headphone lasts for about 8 hours. However, when you are done using it, you can place it in the magnetic charging base it came with.

It would give your headphone 8 hours of play with two hours full charge if it were completely down. However, if the headphone isn’t completely down, it would use less time to charge its full point.

If you are considering getting Bose Sport open earbuds headphones, you can get them on Amazon for about $199.

Jabra Elite Active 75t

Although quite expensive, many have considered it to be one of the best headphones for jogging.

One major thing about the headphone is the comfort it gives the users. It gives a firm grip on the ear with its In-Ear headphones to avoid falling off while running. Even though it is tightly sealed, it doesn’t cause any form of discomfort for the jogger.

Jabra Elite Active 75t has a powerful battery life that can last for about 24 hours of battery time with the charging case and ANC on.

It is rated IP57 with fully waterproof, sweatproof and dustproof protection. And it allows a user not to worry while jogging. The Elite Active headphones won’t get spoilt that easily.

Also, It comes with 4 microphones giving a great and dynamic sound quality allowing users to adjust the sound to whatever sound they want.

Although it comes with the Active Noise Cancellation feature that filters noise and shifts focus to your sound, it enables toggling with Hear Through via your Earbud button. That is, making users shift between ANC and Hear Through via your Earbud button.

Jabra Elite Active 75t comes with a ‘My sound is your sound’ feature that enables the sound to fit your hearing profile. While listening to music, the headphone makes sure that the sound is aligned to your ear, making the music even better.

AfterShoz Aeropex headphone

This is an Open Ear bone conduction headphone with a sport belt. It delivers sounds through the cheekbones, unlike others that delivers sound through the ear canals. If you are the type that doesn’t want something inside or over your ear, you should consider buying this.

Also, you must know that it is an IP67 rating with a full water-resistant body. You can use it for a thorough workout without the fear of it getting damaged due to sweat.

Light-weighted headphones are what most joggers are looking for, and you should know that AfterShoz weighs less than one pounce.

If you are still interested in getting one of these, you can keep reading to know more about its features.

AfterShoz Aeropex headphone has been engineered to give premium sound quality to runners and joggers and doesn’t easily leak sounds.

However, one of its best qualities is that it still gives you room to hear what’s going on around you while jamming to your favourite song or listening to your favourite podcast.

Through that, Joggers and careful and focus on incoming vehicles or tricycles.

Its battery lasts for about 8 hours, which is long last lasting. Also, it gives users the best jogging and cooling off experience.

If you are looking to get one, it costs about $79.95 on Amazon.

EarFun Free Pro4


The Earfun Free Pro4 headphone is one of the best running headphones; this is because it offers many valuable benefits to users.

One of the headphone benefits is its IPX5 rating that can withstand a certain duration of water or sweat. This makes it one of the best headphones for joggers as users sweat and expel liquid from their bodies while jogging.

Although it comes with an active noise cancellation feature that helps to eliminate both the inside and outside noise up to 28dB.

Still, it gives room for the transparency of the user. That is, the person can still know what’s going on around.

Also, the wireless in- Earbuds headphone is a super light headphone, which weighs about 0.15oz.

EarFun comes with an advanced Bluetooth technology that enables fast pairing of devices within 49ft. You can pair it with Android, iOS, and even Windows devices.

If you are looking for a headphone that would enable a crystal clear sound while you are on a call or meeting during your money jog, then you should consider this. It has a 4-microphone chip that allows sound to be clearer and neater.

Also, it gives premium sound quality.

If you are looking to get one, you can find it on Amazon for about $59.99.


It is one of the best headphones for jogging and also the best Over-Ear workout headphone for running.

Also, the Treblab Z2 is another active noise cancellation headphone. It helps to eliminate both inside and outside noise. A user won’t hear the noise outside of the sound playing in the headphone, and the headphone would help clear out the noise coming internally.

While you are striding and pacing, you can listen to your own music while blocking out the underground music playing.

It would give you a new level of silence and quality sound.

Also, it offers flawless connectivity. With its Bluetooth 5.0 aptX codec, you would have a high listening end experience.

It also offers a sense of comfortability to a user. That is, the over-ear headphone is designed with ultra-premium Materials and ultra-soft materials. An example is the super-soft ear pads that mould to your ear’s size, giving it a comfortable fit.

However, an outstanding feature of the headphone is that the battery life can last up to 35 hours from the PlayXTend battery.  That is, the battery can keep you going for a whole day.

The wireless headphone comes with a mic feature that enables you to make clear calls.

If you are looking to get one, it should be about $89.97.

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Tokani Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

The Bluetooth headphone is one of our selected best headphones for joggers. It offers several features that make a person jogging experience enjoyable. We would be discussing some of the amazing features it offers.

However, lets’s go over the appearance of the headphone. It comes as open-ear headphones. That is, the user wears the headphones on their ear.

The open-ear headphones have the latest air conductor that ensures a user’s safety, ensuring they are aware of their environment.

Also, it is lightweight with 18g/0.63oz. So, while jogging, it doesn’t feel heavy on the ear. You can wear it for a long jogging distance.

However, lightweight might not be a necessary attribute if the battery doesn’t last long.

Thankfully, Tokani offers a headphone that lasts up to 5 hours with a continuous work time and provides 10 days standby. However, it would need one and a half hours for a full charge.

Some other features of the Tokani wireless bone conductor headphone

Another thing to know about the Tokani wireless headphone is that it uses the latest Bluetooth technology, Bluetooth v5.0. Also, the Bluetooth is stable, and it can transmit up to 10m/30FT.

This makes connecting to devices easier than normal.

It also comes with a mic, making users receive calls during the process of jogging. That is, the built-in mic enables you to receive calls without having to use your hands.

With the headphone, you can jog without the fear of spoiling your headphone with water as it comes with sweat and water resistance.

You should also know that Tokani Wireless Bluetooth headphone is an ear bone headphone that adopts the bone conductor connection. It transmits sound through the cheekbones to the inner ears.

Also, it comes with 150mAh rechargeable lithium batteries which are inside the headphone.

Asides from its amazing design and features listed above, it gives quality sound to users, giving them an immersive music experience.

To find the headphone, you can check popular sites like Amazon. It costs about $108.67 on the platform.

Swimaudios Bone conductor headphone

This is another bone conductor headphone that can be used by joggers. We listed it as one of the best headphones for jogging because of the amazing features it offers.

First, you should know that bone conductor is a new type of technology that enables the headphone to transmit sound from the cheekbones to the inner ear. Basically, this allows the ear to remain open to sounds around, making the bone conductor headphone an open-ear headphone.

We consider this the best phone for you, especially because it promotes safety and helps users stay alive while jogging.

Also, it is a wireless headphone using Bluetooth connectivity with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. Its 35 FT wireless connection makes connectivity easier and compatible with multiple devices like Android and iOS devices, Pc’s, Mac, and many others.

However, the amazing features might be of no use if the headphone is no fit for the user. That’s why Swimaudios headphone was designed to come with a comfortable fit. It is lightweight, flexible, ergonomic, portable, and durable, making you enjoy using it for a long time.

Also, it fights against dust and has a sweat and water-resistant design. It is well built and can withstand fast strides or even strenuous movement.

We rate it as one of the top-rated best wireless bone conduction headphones to buy for jogging.

If you are looking to buy the headphone, you can consider the Amazon store. It should be about $40.99.

LG Tone Free Headphone

The LG tone free headphone is a headphone produced by LG. It is also one of the best headphones for joggers in 2021.

Interestingly, the headphone is a medically fit headphone for users. It is designed with a flexible Ear gel which is made from non-toxic, hypoallergenic silicone, giving you a comfortable and conducive fit while it is on.

Also, it comes with a noise cancellation feature and an echo removal feature. Note that the two features perform separate functions. One removes echo while the other removes unnecessary sound (noise), focusing on only the sound playing from a device.

Asides from the dual cancellation, it has an in-built mic that enables clear speech and amplifies your voice even in a crowded environment.

It comes as a wireless set with Bluetooth connectivity and a charging case.

The charging case is an UVnano self-cleaning charging port that kills more than 90%b of bacterial from the speaker mesh.

You can get up to  6 hours of playback on different sounds from one charge, while the charging case stores an extra 12 hours of battery life.

While the Bluetooth connectivity gives a Hi-Fi sound and its equalizer that gives an impressive sound, making it compatible with any device (iOS, Android).

If you are considering buying the headphone, you can get it for about $76.99 on any of the digital shopping sites.

Beat Solo headphone

The headphone is similar to the Apple Airpods that comes with an H1 chip. This enables connectivity with any device easily and also encourages digital assistant. That is, you can connect your devices to the headphone while it is your pocket for the rest of your jogging experience.

The digital assistant enables a hand-free experience, making users receive calls by just calling a name.

Although the headphone tends to be heavy and could move while jogging or running, it offers other great features that cover-up.

One of which is its consistency and stableness.

It doesn’t fluctuate between calls and music.

That is, in a situation where you were jogging, and you get a call, you can answer it, and when it drops, your music keeps on playing.

The on-ear headphone has a good battery life and gives an extra three hours of playback with a quick 10 minutes charge.

Let’s not forget the impressive sound quality that it gives, making you have the best jogging experience.

Implications for you

We are sure that this article would be helpful to you as it would aid your selection of good headphones to buy for jogging.

Surely, we understood that jogging is a lot enjoyable when it is done with music. And both music and jogging are super enjoyable when the right headphone is being used.

Each of the selected headphones offers suitable functions for jogging: it comes with amazing sound quality and is water and sweat resistant.

However, you should note that the selection is solely based on reviews from users.

Therefore Techuncode nor the writer has no direct guarantee to the claims.

Still, these best headphones for joggers listed above are your best pick.

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