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Best Remote Working Technology Tips To Stay Productive

Best Remote Working Technology Tips To Stay Producrtive

Remote working is becoming popular, given the advent of technology and how the world has revolved quickly around the global pandemic.

With the number of skills, you can learn online as there are online platforms to learn from and given that many people spend more time with their phones, technology has played a significant role in the employment sector.

It has made working more productive and flexible.

In this report, you will learn about the best remote working technology tips to stay productive.

However, before going further, let’s build a foundation by defining Technology.

What is Technology?

There are several conceptions about the meaning of Technology.

Some think of it as something extreme; others consider it an industry, some a product and many others.

However, Technology goes more profound than all that, but let’s simplify it.

Technology is the use of science and knowledge to create solutions to a problem.

That is, it gives answers to life issues by making things easy and better.

If you were asked to imagine a life without technology, there is a high probability you couldn’t because you are used to a world with Technology.

Technology has come to play an essential role in our lives.

It has helped shape our human existence through the various sectors of our society.

There are a lot of technological inventions, tools, platforms, materials and skills for everyone to have a better and comfortable life.

In the employment sector, Technology has made work easy and flexible.

Many people now work and earn money from the comfort of their homes.

That being said, let’s understand the concept of remote working.

What is Remote working?

Remote working is a style of working.

The style of working allows a person to work outside a corporate work environment or office.

It is a concept of work not needing to be done in a specific environment to be successful.

Many factors have contributed to the possibility of remote working.

However, one major factor that has contributed significantly to remote work is Technology.

In fact, it seems like there might not be an existence of remote working style without the advent of Technology.

Let’s examine why this is so and the importance and role of Technology in remote working.

Role of Technology in remote working

With the advent of Technology, remote working has been made possible.

However, we can not have this discussion of redefining remote working without talking about the influence of the pandemic.

People have been working remotely in the past; however, it wasn’t popular until the pandemic.

A survey online confirms that Covid-19 resulted remarkably in the fast adoption of Technology worldwide.

Also, it has helped Technology to speedily reduce the existing barrier between opportunities and talent across locations.

Covid-19 officially broke out in late 2019, and by 2020 it had spread across the world.

The world was forced on a lockdown, staying at home, to contain the spread of the virus.

People lost their jobs during the period, while others for the first time, experienced remote working.

Many companies resorted to working remotely, especially in the knowledge-work environment.

Tech giants like Facebook, Apple, Google and Siemens, were amongst companies who told their staff to work from home.

However, the widespread nature of the virus turned out to be a period of discovery for the world.

It made everyone realize that things can be done better and easier.

People learnt new things about themselves, new skills, new platforms, and the majority learnt how to stay productive during a quarantine.

With controversies surrounding the Covid-19 and its vaccine, companies and talents have found a ground that meets both needs.

People can comfortably apply for jobs they are skilled in from their homes in any continent of the world.

While companies are now offering jobs to people, they may never meet physically.

If then people are now working remotely, how then can they ensure productivity while they work?

Best remote working Technology tips to stay productive

Technology making life easy and better has many importance to play in the world of remote working.

Below are some ways to use Technology to ensure effectiveness and productivity while working remotely.

Other factors that would be considered are the challenges that have resulted from using Technology for work.

Maintain Work-life balance

One enjoyable thing about working remotely is its flexibility.

However, if you are the type that doesn’t know how to balance between work and other activities around you, this tip is for you.

Many technological tools can guide you in maintaining a work-life balance and improving your productivity.

Technology tools like Google calendar are available to help you schedule meetings, to-do lists and plan your day.

You can always set the hours for rest, hours for work and the hours where you do other things.

Let’s say you are working with a company that has a different time zone from yours; you will always plan your day to fit their time.

Asides from Google calendar, you can use other scheduling and tracking apps.

You can use tracking apps like Hubstaff.

It would help track the time you spent working on a particular project.

Knowing this, you can easily plan your day and maintain a good work and life balance.

Safety measures and prevention

More people are now working from home; this has given an increase in the rate of cybercrime.

Not everyone that works from home is tech-savvy to be sensitive to issues like this.

Hence this tip, to put you through situations like this.

Here are some things to know to keep yourself protected from cyber threats when working from home.

When you are done for the day, make sure you log off from the necessary apps and platforms.

Some platforms encourage freelancing which automatically means you would be working remotely.

However, some of these platforms have not been escrowed, so many disguising as employees or clients planning for their next victim.

Use VPNs, two-time authentication passwords and try not to use the same passwords for all sites or apps you are on.

Go through a sent link with caution because it could be a trap to scam you.

Log on to sites only with a protected UR with an ‘s’ in ‘HTTPS.

You can spare time to educate yourself more on subjects like phishing and cybercrime.

Log off from work materials after use.

In a rush to move on to other things, you might forget to log off from your working materials.

This gives room for hackers striding around your neighbourhood to take advantage of the situation.

Also, a family member of yours could close down an important task or document that you have not saved.

Forgetting to log off could also give them room to pry around important information.

So it would be best if you were careful by always logging off from work materials after use.

Invest in tech tools and gadgets

Working from home requires a lot of tools and gadgets depending on your job role and location.

When you are working with the right materials required for a task, then you become highly productive.

Although not all these work materials might be needed, some of them cannot be avoided when working remotely.

When working remotely, invest in a good PC that can feature and enable all the apps and programs needed to carry out your task properly.

It should come with a good camera and audio quality, especially for online meetings.

Also, it should consider a screen that is wide enough to help with effective work.

Another is a good internet connection.

It is either you install a Wifi or get a Mifi to speed up things.

Also, don’t forget to invest in materials like headphones to help keep your mind focused.

It would be best if you considered headphones with noise cancellation future to help filter noise.

You can check out articles on best working from h0me headphones.

Also, you can upgrade and subscribe to some of your software tools, giving you the best input for work.

Files and Backup

In most cases, it is better to work on a platform where you can easily sync your work and continue working on it from another device.

This helps in cases of theft or your device getting spoilt or changing your device.

Platforms like Google has provided Cloud storage space ( Google doc, sheet, slide, drive) to help save task online and increase productivity.

Also, to automatically sync to other devices when you log into your Google account on the device.

With the flexibility of remote work, you can always move tasks from your desktop to your mobile device, making it possible for you to work from anywhere.

Also, considering the rise of cybersecurity risk with people now working remotely, backing up important files and documents on an online platform is essential.

Upskilling and Practice

Working remotely means flexibility.

It gives you the freedom to multitask and be flexible while working.

Especially for those who aren’t in the tech space and are working from home, you can learn other skills while working.

This would help make you vast in knowledge and help you add more value to your organisation.

Also, you can decide to improve on the skill you already have.

Read online books, watch tutorials on YouTube and practice whatever you learn.

This would help you become better at your skill.

Communication and Collaboration

In remote working settings, Technology has made it easy that you can work with people you have never met physically.

You can connect and work with people in another continent, share ideas and perspectives.

It gives a solution to maintaining communication with colleagues in different time zones; you can have conversations and meetings deliberating on tending issues.

This has been made possible with work-sharing platforms and meeting platforms like phones and voicemails, Emails, Google meet, Microsoft teams, Zoom and others.

What happens after this technology tips

If you put these tips to use, you can effectively deliver tasks productively and effectively.

This is because you have all that you need to make you more productive while working remotely.

And then, you can now share the technology tips with your colleagues and friends who work remotely.

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