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Bitget innovates social trading with new feature “Strategy Plaza”

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Bitget innovates social trading with new feature “Strategy Plaza”Bitget, the leading global crypto exchange focused on social trading, launches another innovative social trading feature, Strategy Plaza.

The new feature provides users with the option to follow a series of automated trading strategies and allows the system to automatically execute the strategies after subscription, facilitating trades with convenience and flexibility.

Strategists could create their unique automated trading strategies and share them on Strategy Plaza. At the same time, regular users could review each strategist’s profile and performance contributed by their strategy and choose to subscribe to their favourite strategists and follow those strategies. After subscribing to strategists, the trading strategies will be automatically executed for the users over the following 30 days, including the actions to start and end strategy taken by the strategists, in addition, to copy trading with manual ordering.

Strategy Plaza will not only benefit the users with the variety of trading strategies set by experienced and excellent traders but also help strategists profit from sharing, as a subscription fee may be needed for some strategists. Together with other social trading features such as One-click copy trade and Bitget Insights, Strategy Plaza could further enhance Bitget as a one-stop trading platform, with seamless integration of opinion sharing, social interaction, and copy trading, providing well-rounded social trading services to better suit everyone’s needs.

Gracy Chen, Managing Director of Bitget, says, “Bitget focuses on providing users with the best social trading experience. The additional feature, Strategy Plaza, diversifies the platform’s offering, further optimizes users’ trading portfolio and improves the benefits of being an experienced trader. We hope that, with our continuous effort in developing new tools and innovation to upgrade our social trading products, users will be more capable of achieving their goals.”

Bitget’s flagship product of social trading One-Click Copy Trade has received massive popularity in the industry since its launch. The exchange recently also developed another social trading tool “Bitget Insights”, to better educate traders with insights and learnings from their more experienced peers, further bridging the knowledge gap between beginners and expert traders.

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