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Ehingbeti 2022: Techuncode On CEOs’, Commissioners’ Cruise With Lagos Ride

Lagos Ride

Techuncode and Ehingbeti will partner with Lagos Ride in line with the ongoing Ehingbeti Hub activation. The partnership will be sustained with transportation services and vehicles from Lagos Ride.

Seeing that the hub activation event is to steer up conversations for the forthcoming Ehingbeti 2022 event, stakeholders; government, private and public sector, and opinion leaders will be in attendance at the event.

This is to encourage more participation among the youths and other interested individuals across Lagos State.  The hub activation will serve as a training medium in which young minds can collaboratively address and engage with key matters arising in society. 

Tecuncode in partnership with the ride-hailing company, will facilitate engaging chats with some keynote speakers and commissioners for the hub activation in the Lagos Ride vehicle.

A Techuncode representative will co-ride with the speaker at the high-profile event and will have a casual talk about the event’s history, goals, and effects (s).

Also, as part of the partnership, a discount code will be given to provide discounted rides to the attendees of the hub events. 

The series will be hosted in different locations within the state and will be held from the 3rd of September to the 17th of September.

About Lagos Ride

Lagos Ride is a Lagos-based mobility company that allows users to book and share the cost of a ride with them in a similar location. How does it work? It links people based on their destination.

The innovation company also provides rides in style, security and a fixed daily transit that allows a customer to schedule daily recurring trips.

To use the app, download the app from any of the phone stores. Register and sign in and begin to enjoy the amazing features the app offers.

You can book a personalised ride, share a ride with a friend or schedule a ride.

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