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Fahim Saleh’s gruesome Killing was allegedly Carried out by His 21-Years old PA

Three days after the disheartening report of Gokada CEO’s death by NYPD, evidence found at the crime scene traced back to His ingrate Ex-Personal Assistant
The alleged murderer, 21-years old PA, Tyrese Devon Haspil who also doubles as Saleh’s chief of Staff at his venture capital reportedly stole a huge amount which runs into tens of thousands of dollars from his boss
Unable to meet up with the installment repayment plan offered by his boss, Haspil went ahead to perpetuate the horrific act as initially reported by the NYPD on Tuesday evening, 14th July

Earlier this week, 33-years old Fahim Saleh met his untimely death in the hands of a suspected professional assassin who now turns out to be his ingrate former Personal Assistant. The 21-years Tyrese Haspil has reportedly perpetrated the gruesome act for reasons related to unpaid debt.

PA To Gokada CEO Arrested Over Gruesome Murder – Investigation – Channels Television

Deceased Gokada boss, Fahim Saleh

Although speculations that made rounds on the Internet around the death of the tech entrepreneur suggested that the death could have been as a result of a “failed deal”, only to find out that it’s the other way round, and unfortunately, from someone who is supposed to dear to the deceased.

According to a report from various sources, Haspil was caught by his boss, stealing so much from him; reports put the stolen amount to the time of $100,000.

Having realized the unfaithful act, rather than have his PA reported to the authorities; Saleh offered his younger subordinate an installment repayment plan. Unfortunately, this was rather a wrong move as it turned out to backfire on kind-hearted Gokada boss.

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The plot twist was, however, unraveled by forensic experts who were lucky to find a piece of left-behind evidence- a fingerprint left on the taser that was reportedly used to put Saleh to sleep before stabbing him multiple times and subsequently dismembering his dead body.

Beheaded CEO Fahim Saleh's personal assistant who 'stole tens of thousands from boss' is ARRESTED over death

Tyrese Devon Haspil, the 21-years old alledged Killer of Gokada boss

While the forensic evidence was good enough to track down the suspect, surveillance cameras from the street and that of the apartment’s elevator also shows “the businessman and a smartly dressed Haspil riding together in the elevator — which opens straight out to his apartment — on Monday afternoon which marks the last time Saleh was seen alive.”a source disclosed.

About Fahim Saleh

33- years old Fahim Saleh was a tech entrepreneur whose core interest was in website development. He subsequently turned into venture capital and founded Gokada, a motorcycle-sharing company in Lagos, Nigeria sometimes in January 2018.

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