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FG Gives Reasons For Fuel Scarcity As Queues Resurface

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…As queues Resurface In Lagos, Abuja, others


Fuel scarcity returns in Nigeria as the Federal Government has given reasons for the petrol scarcity that has hit cities in Lagos, Abuja and other states.

Since Friday last week, through the weekends and continuing today, long petrol queues resurfaced in major cities of the country.

Consequently, many commuters have continued to struggle to buy Premium Motor Spirit which has become very scarce.

While many fuel stations remained shut for lack of petrol, those who opened have very long queues to attend to.

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The situation was initially worse  especially at the island axis of Lagos but quickly trickled down to the mainland too.

Now, almost everywhere, there are queues.

For instance, investigation by Techuncode, even on the morning of Wednesday February 9, 2022 showed that many fuel stations in Festac remained shut.

Also, a very few that are opened, vehicles were on queue as early as 6 am.

Also, in many other areas at the Island areas, Abuja and many other parts of the country, the situation is the same.

Meanwhile, confusion has heightened as the long queues at the filling stations have continued, causing heavy traffic in those locations.

Also, people are confused as to the reason for the scarcity despite previous claims by the Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC) Limited that it had enough to serve the country.

As a result, many others are panick-buying fuel to either store or resell at the black market at exorbitant prices.

Meanwhile, the scarcity is coming on the heels of the controversy over fuel subsidy removal.

But here is why petrol now scarce:

The Federal Government,  through the Nigerian Midstream and Downstream Petroleum Regulatory Authority, has given reasons for the scarcity.

FG confirmed on Tuesday that it imported adulterated petrol that contained high amount of methanol and ethanol above Nigeria’s specification.

Note that “Methanol is a regular additive in Petrol and usually blended in an acceptable quantity.”

However, excess of the additive makes petrol very harmful.

The high content of methanol and ethanol in the petrol imported into the country under the Direct Sale, Direct Purchase (DSDP) is harmful to the people.

In a statement, the FG said, “Limited quantity of Premium Motor Spirit, commonly known as Petrol, with methanol quantities above Nigeria’s specification was discovered in the supply chain.”

On discovering the substandard fuel, the relevant government authorities halted the distribution of the product for proper investigation.

“To ensure vehicular and equipment safety, the limited quantity of the impacted product has been isolated and withdrawn from the market, including the loaded trucks in transit.

“Our technical team in conjunction with NNPC Ltd and other industry stakeholders will continue to monitor and ensure quality petroleum products are adequately supplied and distributed nationwide.

The withdrawal and pause in the product’s distribution led to shortage of supply from NNPC depots and even private depots around Lagos axis.

Meanwhile, the statemen continued saying, “The source supplier has been identified and further commercial and appropriate actions shall be taken by the Authority and NNPC Ltd.

“NNPC Ltd and all Oil Marketing Companies have been directed to sustain sufficient distribution of Petrol in all retail outlets nationwide.

“Meanwhile, NNPC has intensified efforts at increasing the supply of Petrol into the market in order to bridge any unforeseen supply gap.”

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