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Find Your Conversations With Twitter’s DM Search

Find Your Conversations With Twitter's DM Search

Twitter has announced a new upgrade for its DM Search feature.

Users can now be allowed to search through the content of their chat with the feature.

And then, they return a specific keyword that was kept in the search box.

Previously, this was not allowed on the platform.

You could only use the search bar to search for the names of people or groups you have conversed with.

But now you can search for past conversations that you have had in the past with a friend.

The interesting part is that you can filter your search with people, groups, or messages.

For example, you are searching for someone’s name; this would come in handy.

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The feature has been a long time coming on the platform.

Twitter said, “We know you’ve been waiting for the option to search your DMs…”.DM Search

It had brought the DM search on Android in May 2021 and was on iOS two years before.

Then it announced it plans to bring the content search later in the year.

However, it didn’t happen until now.

Now the Twitter content search is available on all platforms.

This means you can access the improved search on Android, iOS and Desktops.

However, according to a report that had tested the feature, the results from the search date back to 2020.

That is, it didn’t bring content from the past 2019

What does this mean?

It means the search has been limited.

And results from other years later than 2020 would not appear.

However, this is better than not having the feature at all.

Users can still be able to see relevant searches from 2020.

Apparently, searching for people’s names through the search box also gives the same result.

You should check out the feature and share what you think about it with us in the comment section.

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