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Twitter Lets You Record GIFs With Your iOS App Camera

Record GIFs With Your iOS App Camera

The microblogging app Twitter has released another amazing feature that allows users to record GIFs with their iOS app camera.

Interestingly, this is coming after a backlash of a previous feature it had released.

With this new feature, users would be able to share shorter clips of videos to their timeline.

According to a user who has already tried the feature, recording a GIF is super easy.

On your iOS app, all you need to do is hit the new tweet button.

Then tap the photo icon and the camera icon.

You should ensure that you set it to the GIF camera mode.

From there, you can press the record button to start recording.

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Although the downside to the feature is that it can not be shareable on other platforms.

When you right-click on the GIF, it brings out a “copy GIF address” option.

When you click on it, it allows you to copy a link that would lead them to the GIF on Twitter.

The feature is only available to iOS users and will be coming to Android later.

However, a Twitter representative, Stephanie Cortez, comments on further updates.

He said that Twitter will be “gathering feedback to inform future updates,”.

Although the platform hasn’t given a specific date to look forward to.

Implication for readers.

If you are an iOS user, record GIFs with your iOS app camera

Twitter said that 0nly iOS users would get to enjoy this new feature Twitter would be releasing.

They would be able to create and share GIFs on their timeline.

So if you are amongst those who will be enjoying this feature, share with us your experience in the comment section.

And if you are not an iOS user, keep your fingers crossed on the update coming to your device soon.

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