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Gebeya Teams up with O’Reilly for African Tech Skills Development

Gebeya, a leading Pan-African technology firm, partnered with O’Reilly, a prominent American learning company, to bolster technological capabilities across the African continent. Through this strategic partnership, the two organizations aim to empower individuals in Africa by providing them with access to cutting-edge educational resources and training programs.

Alexia Pedersen,  Senior vice president of international at O’Reilly, expressed his excitement over its partnership with Gebeya for an impactful initiative empower thousands of Africans with essential technology skills and knowledge. He stated that the company takes pride in being selected for its extensive content offerings, including books, videos, sandboxes, and live online courses, all accessible remotely.

The collaboration between O’Reilly and Gebeya represents a commitment to skill development and knowledge transfer to enable Africans to unlock their potential and seize the opportunities presented by the rapidly evolving technology landscape.

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Gebeya, recently repositioned as a Talent Cloud provider, has announced a new partnership to enhance its AI-powered SaaS platform. Through this collaboration, Talent Cloud owners can now offer O’Reilly’s extensive e-learning content to their users at an affordable rate and in local currencies.

Martin Ndlovu, Gebeya’s Chief Growth Officer, expressed excitement about this “significant achievement for Africa,” as it empowers African talent with essential digital skills by integrating O’Reilly’s expert-developed courses into Gebeya’s Talent Clouds.

Building on its existing partnership with Microsoft, Gebeya aims to expand its offerings further by launching Microsoft.gebeya.com.   This site features a range of Microsoft-aligned courses curated by O’Reilly, including Azure administration and AI engineering. This initiative will significantly contribute to skill development for in-demand roles across the African continent.

Through the partnership’s carefully designed learning paths, individuals can earn industry-recognized O’Reilly badges verifying their Azure proficiency. This certification provides access to over 160 Azure labs, unlimited sandbox environments, specialized Azure courses, and practice exams – resources tailored to Microsoft partners’ talent requirements. The strategic combination strengthens Microsoft’s capabilities while positioning the Microsoft Talent Cloud as a vital platform connecting skilled Azure professionals across Africa with numerous career opportunities. This initiative aims to cultivate a robust ecosystem of Azure-certified talent to drive digital transformation in the region.

The collaboration between Gebeya and O’Reilly marks a significant stride for Africa’s tech sector, offering individuals access to premier training resources. By incorporating O’Reilly’s expert-led courses into Gebeya’s Talent Clouds, starting with the Microsoft Talent Cloud, African professionals can upskill in Microsoft Cloud and AI technologies. This partnership is poised to spark a new era of innovation and progress across the continent, empowering African talent to drive technological advancements.

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