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Google Accelerator Programme: How Nigeria, Kenya, Other African Startup Can Apply

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Startup techs in Nigeria, Kenya and other African countries can now apply for Google’s  three-month virtual accelerator programme.

Google said in a statement that it’s accelerator Programme is now open to startups in Africa.

What is accelerator programme:

Accelerator programme, like Google’s, help startups define and build their initial products.

Also, they help startup techs identify promising customer segments, and secure resources, including capital and employees.

Countries to apply:

Google said startups in the following countries can apply for the programme.

  1. Nigeria
  2. Kenya
  3. Algeria
  4. Botswana
  5. Cameroon
  6. Côte d’Ivoire
  7. Egypt
  8. Ethiopia

Also, others include:

9. Ghana

10. Morocco

11. Rwanda

12. Senegal

13. South Africa

14. Tanzania


16.Uganda and;

17. Zimbabwe.

How Accelerators help startups:

Meanwhile, Accelerators like Google’s provide startups with the opportunity to learn rapidly through regular mentoring.

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This interaction between the accelerator and the startups help to address any challenge hindering the growth of a startup.

Meanwhile, Google’s Accelerator Programme for African startups will give mentoring to the startups who apply for the programme.

Also, the startups will get some funding to scale.

In a statement, Google said that its three-month virtual accelerator program is for high potential Seed to Series A tech startups based in Africa.

Also, it said successful early-growth stage startup applicants (from seed to Series A) would gain access to equity-free support, mentoring from advanced technology experts.

Likewise, it said the startups will enjoy the benefits at its boot camps every month from March to May 2022.

How To Apply:

First, click here to login to the Google Accelerator programme portal.

Then, enter your email address.

Also, select startup accelerator.

Choose “Africa” as the programme you are applying.

Also, fill out all the necessary entries and you are good to go.

Meanwhile, Andy Volk, who leads Google’s developer and startup ecosystem efforts in Sub-Saharan Africa, said:

“We are honoured to have yet another opportunity to connect with African innovators and empower them through the seventh Class of GFSAA.”

Also, he said that “We know that as with previous classes, we are on the cusp of uncovering some outstanding technology-led solutions to some of the continent’s most pressing challenges, developed by Africans themselves.”

Meanwhile, Google launched the accelerator programme in 2017 to help startups scale their solutions across Africa.

Also, 82 startups from 17 African countries have already participated and raised more than $117m in funding and created more than 2,800 jobs.

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