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Check Out How Netflix Might Launch Its Games To iOS Device

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Netflix might allegedly launch its games to iOS devices through app stores.

The streaming service platform recently ventured into offering gaming services.

Last week, it officially rolled out five games to be launched for Android users worldwide.

This confirmed its statement in July when it said that it was going to venture into gaming services.

It planned to delve into gaming on mobile devices, which it has already done with Android devices.

And has plans on working on the iOS version of the service.

Mark Gurman, a Bloomberg tech reporter, had explained how the games would be available on devices.

He explained that the games wouldn’t be playable or downloadable from the Netflix store.

And that they would only be able to launch the game from the app, which is not supposed to be so.

This is just as it has done on Android.

However, this is not suitable for the gaming services.

And so, Netflix has been predicted to bring its games to Clouds.

This would enable users to play the games from the platform and make downloads.

However, this would function suitably for Android users might prove difficult for iOS users.

Apple store policy against Cloud gaming platforms

Last year, Apple had technically barred third-party apps from functioning as a game hub on its device.

It had updated its app store guidelines to seem like it gave freedom to online gaming platforms.

However, it wasn’t so, as many block roads were erected against gaming services offered by iCloud companies.

Online platforms that offer gaming services, especially platforms like Microsoft and Google, would now provide their games category as a stand-alone app.

Previously, they had offered the gaming app as a packaged service.

But with this new development, they have to render their gaming apps as a stand-alone app.

What does this mean for Apple and the platforms?

It would mean more profit for Apple.

While for the platform, they would find means of going around the block roads.

Interestingly, this has been made possible.

The platforms are now able to offer their gaming service through a web app.

This was as Facebook did in July this year.

It brought cloud gaming to Apple devices through the web app.

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What then would happen to Netflix with this policy?

Would Netflix make a cautious move against Apple’s third-party policy?

Netflix has already announced it will be releasing its gaming service to iOS, which means it already has a plan.

However, allegedly, the plan could mean two things.

First, it could mean Netflix plans to take a cautious move against Apple rules.

Or it could mean that Apple might make an exemption for Netflix and embrace it when it becomes a cloud gaming platform.

However, the first seems to have more probability than the latter.

What games would be introduced by Netflix

Below are the five games Netflix has introduced to Android users worldwide and plans to introduce to iOS users.

Card Blast (Amuzo & Rogue Games)

Shooting Hoops (Frosty Pop)

Stranger Things: 1984 (BonusXP)

Stranger Things 3: The Game (BonusXP)

Teeter Up (Frosty Pop).

To use the game

Implication for you

There might be no implication for you yet as Netflix is yet to announce the service launch on Apple devices officially.

However, it has been mentioned that it is working on the iOS service version for the service.

This means, sooner or later, Netflix games would be available to iOS users.

So if you are an Apple user, you should watch out for the launch of the service on your device.

Still, it would be best if you were a Netflix subscriber to access the service.

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