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Google Internet Cable Lands In Africa, Togo

Google internet cable

Lomé, Togo has finally received the Equiano subsea internet cable Google planned to release to Africa.

The internet cable landed on Friday in Togo.

Google had explained that the internet cable would double the internet speed of millions of people in Africa.

Also, this was its final step at a multi-year project to provide accessible and cheaper internet to Africa.

The internet cable is the first of its kind to land in Africa.

Google had said in a statement that the cable was coming from Portugal and it will serve the millions of people in Togo.

And then spread across other countries in the continent like Nigeria, Namibia and South Africa.

Also, it has the possibility of branching out to neighbouring countries.

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Google plans that the cable will start operating at the end of the year.

Impact of the internet cable to Togo

Countries of the continent have been on the bottom rank of world global internet penetration.

Sub-Saharan Africa has the largest population lacking mobile broadband coverage and is the least connected region globally.

So this would be a great strategy by Google to help internet penetration in African countries.

Being the first beneficiary of the cable, Togo would be the first African country to enjoy the benefits.

According to reports, an estimated 74% don’t have access to the internet.

Therefore, the cable is expected to deliver 20 times more capacity to the country.

Also, analysts have said that the internet price would be reduced by 14% in 2025.

Asides, Google has said that the cable would indirectly create more job opportunities for people.

It would create about 37,000 in Togo by 2025, boosting its GDP to $193 million.

Google investment in tech cables

Google had started investing in internet tables for almost a decade.

With its co-owned Cable project, Unity, it invested in 19 internet cables.

And then, the project was concluded in January 2021.

Implication for you reading

African would be able to enjoy more connection and speedy connectivity.

Also, there might be some downside to the coming of the cable.

Things like tearing or breakage due to some factors.

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