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Google Removes Trusted Contacts Application

Google Is Getting Rid Of The Google Trusted Contacts Application

Google is tieing up its Trusted Contacts application based on information received from the Android Police.

The app is no longer available on the App Store, as well as the Play Store.

Additionally, by the first week of December, existing users will no longer access the feature.

This is based on the context of the website of the application.

What you need to know

Image: Google’s Trusted Contacts Apps

The application was initially launched in 2016.

Although it’s being put down, it did have its benefits.

It gives you access to track the whereabouts of your “Trusted Contacts.”

Unfortunately for the platform, Google developed a similar feature in 2017.

Its development didn’t make things easy for the Trusted Contacts app.

Its relevance dropped as at March 2020.

Google’s cleansing

Image: Google Hangouts

Trusted Contacts app isn’t the first app this year Google is getting rid of.

Google Play Music is also no longer available as a Google feature.

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The popular, and at the same time, not so popular Hangouts, was also “trashed” in a sense.

You may also consider the end of Google+ a shock, as it’s no longer available.

Google’s trademark

Many other platforms invest in time and resources to try to develop and better their existing apps.

Google, however, is a lot different from that.

They have a system where it gets rid of a lot of their features and applications.

Just as they enjoy getting rid of apps, they also have a flair for developing new ones as well.

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