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#EndSARS: 5 Technology Ethics You Shouldn’t Compromise



#EndSARS: 5 Technology Ethics You Shouldn’t Compromise

The nationwide protest against police brutality is still ongoing, with no end in sight.

Interestingly, individuals and corporate organisations beyond Nigeria have also joined what’s now a #EndSARS movement.

Wondering how it all started? Here is the summary of the event so far.

How it all began

Over the years, many Nigerians have significantly suffered from the menace called police brutality.

A significant number of members of the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) indulge in this atrocity.

However, police brutality or unlawful policing is very prominent among the now-defunct Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

#EndSARS: 5 Technology Ethics You Shouldn’t Compromise

Source: SKY News

Until its disbandment, SARS was a dedicated unit in the NPF criminal investigation and intelligence department.

The unit was established to investigate and prosecute people involved in crimes like;

  • armed robbery
  • Kidnapping, among other related crimes.

Instead, a majority of the SARS members have deviated from their mandate.

Mostly for selfish reasons, some SARS members go-ahead to carry out extrajudicial activities.

Often, these “dreaded uniform men” reportedly extort, kidnap, rape, kill and tortured victims unlawfully.

These practices, beyond stigmatisation, have become an orientation for which an average SARS officer is skilled.

In the development that birthed the ongoing movement, a young man was killed in Ughelli, Delta State.

Regardless, the police officer’s singular action initially led to an online protest against police brutality – #EndSARS.

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Subsequently, people took to Lagos’ roads to disapprove of such a barbaric act that has become a norm among the operatives.

Starting on Thursday, October 9, the protest has spread across and beyond the nation.

Mostly youth-driven, more than 15 Nigerian states have joined so far.

#EndSARS: 5 Technology Ethics You Shouldn’t Compromise

Source: Opera News

In the UK, the US, France, Switzerland, and South Korea, Nigerians have also joined the movement.

Current resolutions

Already, the Federal Government has disbanded the SARS unit and replaced it with a new alternative.

The Special Weapon and Tactical (SWAT) unit started training on Monday to replace the disbanded SARS unit.

As much as it sounds pleasing, it doesn’t do justice to the demand of the masses.

The ongoing protest has surpassed the 10th day, and the end is still far from sight.

Apparently, protesters are demanding that some 5 of 5 and 10 of 10 objectives must be met and implemented.

While these are still actively ongoing, it is important as a protester to stay guided.

That been said, here are five technology ethics you shouldn’t compromise during this period:

Turn on and share your mobile location

If you intend to participate in the ongoing protest, ensure that you turn on your mobile location.

Not just that, do also make sure to share your current location with a loved one.

In this case, it is advisable to share with someone who is not physically joining the protest.

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These are dangerous times, and sometimes, doing the right thing doesn’t guarantee enough safety.

Several peaceful protestors have been arrested, and in most cases, brutalised.

This is happening regardless of the ongoing movement against police brutality.

Situation report (SITREP)

If you’ve worked with an emergency or force department, you do understand what this means.

SITREP is a timely update/report that gives readers a quick understanding of the current situation.

It is important for a protester always to update an inactive protester with timely SITREP.

For instance, giving a SITREP to a friend or family member every 15-minute will communicate your safety.

Avoid misinformation/fake news

During a time like this, a lot of news will fly around, some of which will be fake news.

It is very important to verify your news sources and content.

Doing so will prevent you from becoming an enabler of misinformation.

Apart from security reasons, spreading fake news could delay the desired result.

Not just that, it could distract the protesters from their main course.

Avoid online Treason

This may sound really too big of a crime; however, its possibility is indispensable.

Most time, there is a thin line between protesting a government and treason.

While there is a low tendency to cross the line as a group of people, it’s not necessarily the same online.

What you say online usually carries your identity and not that of the crowd.

During a time like this, getting angry at the system is almost inevitable. As such, one can easily make all kinds of treachery statements.

It is, however, important to stay diplomatic as much as possible.

By all means possible, abstain from saying things that may form the idea of overthrowing a government.

More so, as a protester, you must thread with caution when engaging a governmental account or official on social media platforms.

Communicate protest plans via the encrypted channel

As an individual or group, it is important to keep your plan out of open-ended platforms like Twitter.

You can make your grievances known on such platforms as Twitter and IG, but not your execution plan.

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Using platforms like WhatsApp to communicate your plan is still a reliable alternative.

As such, the possibility of sabotage is very unlikely except if intercepted by a mole.

Currently, this particular ethic has been disregarded countless times in the ongoing protest.

Regardless, it’s never too late to stick to the provided caution as it is very helpful.

In conclusion

The #EndSARS movement is a reassurance that the voice of the people matters in a democratic nation.

However, while addressing major issues like this, it’s important to stay diplomatic as a group/individual.

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