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Google Stops Verified Permission List Display: Here Is Why

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As it seems, Google may no longer be displaying its verified permission list for users. This is following recent development wherein the tech giant said developers must fill out its data privacy form.

Google said developers have until July 20th to fill out the form.

The resolution was made when it announced last year in its new data privacy launch that it will no longer collect data from users anymore.

However, it would begin to rely on developers to disclose data for users.

With the development, the assumption is that Google might no longer display its permission notification for users. Hence, developers would have full control over what and what not to disclose to users.

This might result in questions concerning the data security of users. However, Google has given some clarifications to the updates.

It says that only developers should make a complete statement and declaration for their apps.

Although Google play reviews apps and their policy, it can’t determine how developers choose to handle users’ data.

So, the Data safety form will help Google be aware of the data the developers will possess.

Meanwhile, if there is any contrast between what the developers reported in their form and what is on their application, Google will take appropriate actions.

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Interestingly, Google is not the only app offering such policy change. It has also been recorded that the Apple app store has a similar policy. Developers on the platform are to submit summaries by themselves about their app’s privacy updates.

Developers are expected to be reliable and truthful in whatever summary they are giving. Any information that might be misleading in opposition to what is truly on their application would allow them to face some consequences.

No response from Google regarding its verified permission

Google hasn’t given a hint of response concerning this claim about its verified permissions that automatically pop up. However, from the look of things, users might not see it anymore.

Meanwhile, a tech enthusiast has, however, shared that Google might not be casting it away anyways. Nevertheless, the tech giant might just hide the feature.

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