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Head To These 11 Countries If You Want US Visa Appointment In Just One Day Or A Week



Head To These 11 Countries If You Want US Visa Appointment In Just One Day Or A Week, Breaking News: US Increases Tourist Visa To Five Years For Nigerians

Head To These Countries If You Want US Visa Appointment In One Week and stop having delays running into many months or years.

First, it will surprise you to know that as difficult as it seems to get a US visa appointment in Nigeria, India and other African countries, you can get it in just a day in Kuwait!

In other countries too, you can get US visa appointment in just a week or 14 days.

As you may have noticed, in Nigeria, you could wait for many months if not about a year or so, depending on the circumstances though, before you can get a US visa appointment.

Shattered Hopes:

It was a very sad experience for Taiye when he visited the US embassy in Nigeria for a visa appointment.

Taiye had gotten admission in a university in the US for a masters programme. He was very excited as the programme comes with scholarship that covers his tuition, accommodation and feeding.

However, his excitement was to be cut short when he visited the US embassy for an appointment.

When he got there, he saw a long queue of persons who had equally come for the same reasons.

However, Taiye thought that having gotten an admission into a foreign university in US, that his case would be sorted out with urgency.

This was because, the programme was meant to commence in the following two months.

But he got the greatest frustration of his life when he was told that slots for visa appointments for the year was already overdue.

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He was told that the available window was in about 18 months. That’s preposterous! Does it mean he was going to miss this opportunity to travel to the US and gain the education?

Well, Taiye’s case is just one among the thousands of similar cases that many Nigerians are going through.

But Nigerians are not the only ones having their hopes shattered in such manner.

In Mumbai, India, it takes an Indian about 635 days and 596 days in Delhi to get a US visa appointment. This is way gloomier than even in Nigeria.

US acknowledges delays, suggests options:

The US government has acknowledged the long wait visa applicants are going through. It says it is aware that applicants in any countries wait for many months and or years before getting appointments for its green card.

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Consequently, the US government has advised applicants in affected countries to head to other countries where the wait period is short.

The government said applicants can head to its embassy in Thailand and get a speedy visa processing that lasts for just 14 days for the B1/B2 appointments.


The government said first-time travelers must undergo a physical interview before they can be issued or denied the visas in the top nations where the B1 and B2 American visa application process is expedited.

Countries and wait periods:

1. Kuwait – One day

If you head to Kuwait, you will get your US visa appointment in just one day wait period.

2. Hong Kong – Two Days.

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In Hong Kong, you will get your visa appointment with just a two-day wait time.

3. Singapore – 7 Days

In Singapore, you will be issued the American visa with just a 7 days wait period if you succeed in the interview.

4. Cambodia – 7 Days

Just like in Singapore, if you head to Phnom Penh in Cambodia, you will get the appointment in just 7 days.

5. Thailand – 14 Days

Particularly in Bangkok and Chiang Mai in Thailand, applicants can only wait for 14 days to get the appointment.

6. Frankfurt in Germany – 17 Days.

In Germany, particularly in Frankfurt, you have a waiting period of just 17 days to get your US visa if you are successful in the interview.

However, in Berlin, Germany, the wait period is 81 days. So, you might want to be in Frankfurt where the wait period is shorter.

7. Malaysia – 23 Days.

In Kuala Lumpur, travelers heading to US will get their visa in just 23 days if they are successful in the interview.

8. Qatar – 30 Days

In Qatar, it will take an applicant only 30 days to get the US visa if the applicant succeeds in the interview.

9. Saudi Arabia – 53 Days.

If you are in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and heading to the US, you can get the US visa appointment and subsequently, the visa in just 53 days in you are successful.

10. Australia – 58 days.

Applicants from Melbourne in Australia, can get the visa with only 58 days wait.

11. United Kingdom – 78 Days.

Applicants in London, UK, have a wait period of 78 days to get the visa after a successful interview.

So, the choice if now yours to make.

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