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How To Spot Fake AirPods Pro – Easy Tips

How to spot fake AirPods

Buying fake products is one life experience that we all get to share at some point, and it burns. when that happens with a product as expensive as AirPods, that’s what you call a “costly” mistake. In this article, you’d learn how to spot fake AirPods so you don’t end up buying one. 

I’ve had my fair share of it in the past and boy did I get mad! Ever since I’ve pledged to reduce the odds of folks buying fake gadgets one product at a time. Today, I’m starting with AirPods, and you’re not going to have to buy another fake one. At least, not on my watch. 

Apple’s AirPods is one of the most successful smartphone accessories in the market. So, it makes sense that there are several forgeries of the product at every single turn. Just make a replica with less capital and sell it for almost the same price and you’d be cashing out big time. So yeah, it does sound like a plan; a very good one at that. But there’s only one problem here, it screws up our audio experience on Spotify and WE DON’T LIKE IT. 

Buying the original product already costs a lot. But, buying a forgery at almost the same amount? That one’s going to cost more; both money and your emotional estate. To help you avoid that, we’ve put together some tips to help you differentiate between fake and original AirPods. Here are a few tips on how to spot fake AirPods; 

1. Verify the serial number on Apple’s website 

Number one, and most authentic of all the tips is verifying the serial code. Don’t get it wrong, this doesn’t mean that other tips wouldn’t help you differentiate the original product from a forgery. We’re only saying this because some of the other tips are more dependent on your ability to pay attention to details. However, with this one, the process is automatic and you can get your error-void result in no time. Enough with the chit-chat, let’s walk you through the process.

Step 1 on how to spot fake AirPods by verifying the serial number 

First, you need to locate the serial number. The serial number is always written on the original packaging right underneath the barcode. However, you can also find it inside the charging case. When you open the charging case, you’d find that two hollows serve as covers for the two AirPods. The serial number is usually written in the upper arc of the right hollow. 

Find the illustration below. 

Apple AirPods serial number

Step 2 on how to spot fake AirPods by verifying the serial number 

Write down the serial number and log on to https://checkcoverage.apple.com. On this page, you’d be asked to input your serial number. Input the number in the empty box, complete the robot test and submit. The result will show the following reports; valid/Invalid purchase date, active/inactive repairs, and service coverage. If the results are positive then you’re in the clear. However, if you get a negative report like an invalid purchase then you’d be holding a forged copy. 

But what if someone built fake AirPods and put them in new original cases. First, I don’t know what the point of that will be or how the said person will be able to get new and shiny AirPods cases. But, since there’s a probability, we might need to address it as well. 

This leads us to the other tips contained in this guide. These tips will help you know how to spot fake AirPods from pictures in case you’re ordering them. It’d also help you know how to spot fake AirPods outside the charging case. 

Apple products are known for their clean and premium looks. Anything outside of that will give fake products away. From the cutouts to the size of the font on the packaging, the original product will maintain a clean and consistent design. 

Pay attention to these added tips on how to spot fake AirPods; 

2. Check the speaker grill 

How to spot fake AirPods through the speaker grill

Source: Gotechtor.com  

As a ground rule, the speaker grills on the original AirPods must be see-through. With this, you can easily see the rounded shape of the speakers through the grills. Thankfully, the makers of fake AirPods have missed out on that important detail. So, immediately you bring the AirPods out of the charging case, look straight into the speaker grills. See if you can see the speakers from behind. If you can’t then hand them back to the salesman. If you’ve already paid him some money, then he’d certainly know that he owes you some money as soon as you look him straight in the eye.  

3. Check the diffusers 

How to spot fake AirPods through the diffuser

Source: Legitech.app 

Like we just pointed out, Apple product designs are always precise and they always come with a fine finish. If you check the alignment of the diffuser on any ear of the original AirPods (L or R), you’d find them to be properly aligned with the hollow in front of them. Contrariwise, you’d find a little misalignment on fake products. 

4. Bottoms up – check the bottom of the AirPods

How to spot fake AirPods

Source: Legitech.app 

Here, you’d find two differentiating factors between the fake and original AirPods.  First, the original Apple AirPods have oval-shaped diffusers. But, on the fake versions, you’d find the diffusers to take on a circular form. 

Secondly, on the authentic version, the two strips on the left and right of the diffuser maintain the same Colour used on the rest of the AirPods. However, on the fake version, you’d find the Colours to be a little deeper. More like grey instead of white. Again, if there one thing that we know about forgers it’s that, more often than not, they take things too far. 

To show their unrelenting resolve towards going the extra mile, they also pushed the strips deeper into the metal outline that surrounds the diffuser.

5. Check the lightning port to spot fake AirPods

How to spot fake AIrPods

Source: Legitech.app 

Let’s get back to the charging case, shall we? If you the lightning port at the bottom of the original casing, – the lightning port is where the charger goes into –   you’d notice that the metal outline around the port is thin and simple. On the other hand, the fakes have it a little thicker. 

 Again, you’d notice that on the fake ones the Colour is a little bit different once more. 

Here the Colour is very close to silver and the outline isn’t very smooth. 

In General, you’d notice slip-ups and inconsistencies in the fake designs. The font Colours will be darker, the texts not balanced and the shapes will also be skewed. Look out for these differences and you’d be able to spot fake AirPods. We agree that this might be a little difficult seeing that at the point of purchase, you might not have the original copy handy for comparison’s sake. However, if you remember these tips and check out for all of them you’d certainly catch one error or the other on the fake product. 

How to spot fake AirPods Pro

Before we pull the curtain here, we’d also want to point out some differences between original and fake AirPods Pro. 

The AirPods pro comes with a different design from the AirPods. Hence, while some of the previous tips will apply here, some wouldn’t because of the difference in design. But first, here are some tips that you can easily roll over here. 

  1. You can still check the serial code on Apple’s verification website at https://checkcoverage.apple.com. Thankfully, this is one of the most reliable tips and since it applies here, you use this quick check. 
  2. Tip number 5, checking the lightning port for a thin metal outline still applies.  

Now that we have established that, let’s move to tips that are specific to the AirPods Pro. 

These are few tips on how to spot fake AirPods pro; 

1. Check the diffusers to spot fake AirPods 

Sounds familiar? Oh yeah, we did cover this in the tips for spotting fake AirPods. However, here’s the difference. The AirPods pro has two diffusers and they are placed differently compared to the diffusers on the basic AirPods. So, let’s dive in. 

There are two diffusers; the external and the internal diffusers. So, let’s pick them one after the other starting with the exterior diffuser.

The exterior diffuser: 

Exterior grills for AirPod pro

Source: Legitech.app 

Now here’s the major difference between the exterior diffuser of the fake and original product. The fake 0ne has a greyish outline round about the diffuser. But, the original diffuser maintains its black Colour all around. 

The interior diffuser:q

How to Identify fake AirPods pro

Source: Legitech.app 

Here we have it again; varying Colours. AirPods Pro has a round-edged rectangle around its internal diffusers. That rectangle takes on a grey Colour on the fake AirPods pro. While on the original product, it’s black and shiny all-round.

2. Check for the left or right (L/R) inscription on the AirPods Pro

I believe this is where we finally get to announce that AirPods forgers did a better job than AirPods Pro forgers. Maybe this was done in a rush, but they missed out on a whole lot of details here. Hence, it’s much easier to spot the differences on the AirPods Pro. 

No left or right sign on fake AirPods

 This here is one significant and easy to spot the difference. There are no left or right (L/R) inscriptions on the fake AirPods Pro. Usually, you get the indicators to help you figure out what ear goes in where. But on the fake AirPods pro, you might have to figure it out on your own. 

3. Check the sensor on the side of your AirPods pro 

On the side of the original AirPods Pro is a sensor. When worn correctly, it stays close to your ear at the lower region of the inner side of the AirPods. The sensor helps to register when a user takes off or puts on the AirPods. 

Totally missing

This sensor is completely missing on fake AirPods. So yeah, you don’t want to end up with a fake AirPods Pro as you’d be missing a lot of extra features that contribute to enhanced user experience. 

We strongly believe that with these tips you should be able to make the right pick for the basic AirPods and AirPods Pro version.

Next time you go smartphone accessory shopping, be sure to look out for these tips. Do you have any questions or comments? We’d be glad to take them. Drop them in the comment section below and we’d respond swiftly. 

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