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Xiaomi Tosses Huawei Aside, Becomes First Smartphone Brand In China

Xiamomi becomes world third-largest smartphone selling company.

Well, maybe not toss. But, the company sure is atop the leaderboard now and they’re looking down at everything from a lofty height.

Xiaomi is the newly crowned prince of China.

While this is the big news of the whole team at Xiaomi, it’s sad news for the Huawei team who has fought tooth and nail to retain their first position within the region and a leading position worldwide.

The tussle

Huawei has tried to retain its previous monthly/yearly performance.

The company had a long run of staying among the top three preferred smartphone brands globally.

But last year, the company got thrown off course as a result of the incessant pressure of the US government.

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Last year, Huawei and other tech giants from china had a face-off with the US government.

This created an opening for other competitors to steal their spots. Across the European and Asian continent, smartphone users are beginning to make a shift from Huawei to Xiaomi.

Xiamoi’s successes 

At the end of reporting from last year, Xiaomi sat as the third placeholder for smartphone sales worldwide.

They came behind South Korea’s Samsung and Apple Inc. who also made a shocking upward thrust last year.

On Wednesday, Xiaomi reported record-high sales across certain regions.

The company had a 57% up thrust in phone shipment in Western Europe, as part of their report. In its locale (China), the company also reported a 52% increase in demand.

Another valuable insight for the company was its revenue. It rose by more than one fifth, they said.

In plain numbers, the company’s revenue rose by 19.4% to $37.7billion. Consequently, profit rose 28.7% to $5.6billion.

The company sold over 10 million of its top-class product collection. However, they have declined to answer on how many low-end devices they sold during the year in review.

Huawei faces the risk of plummeting further and this might give Xiaomi more room to spread its wings.

However, on the other hand, Xiamoi could be getting those wings cut off in no time. Xiaomi was scrutinized by US officials earlier this year.

The US Department of Defense slapped Xiaomi with an investment blacklisting in January. Although the case is still open, Xiaomi has succeeded in winning a halt of the ban in a US court.

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