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Infinix Integrates Extended RAM Feature Into All-New NOTE 11 Series

Infinix Integrates Extended RAM Feature into All-New NOTE 11 Series

RAM has never been more important than it is today with the ever increasingly demanding applications emerging in today’s app market.

Infinix’s latest smartphone release, the NOTE 11 Pro, integrates Extended RAM, which allows the phone’s RAM to be boosted by up to 5GB in a single click – from 8GB to 13GB, allowing users to choose different levels of RAM.

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This is a game-changer when you’re using more apps at a particular time and need a temporary boost in performance without compromising your daily battery life.

Extended RAM technology means that a part of the ROM will be used to work as RAM when the RAM is not sufficient to ensure buttery smooth performance.

Users can simply open it in the settings under -“Storage”-“MemFusion”.

NOTE 11’s Extended RAM feature will be available on NOTE 11 Pro / NOTE 11S / NOTE 11.

With Extended RAM activated, the phones can load games faster and ensure that users can start gaming instantly, even if they switch among multiple apps.

Infinix always seeks to pack the latest and greatest technology into its devices at attainable price points, and extended ram is just one of the many handy features planned to be integrated into future devices.

Stay tuned to Infinix social media channels for future updates!

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