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Instagram Introduces Reels Visual Replies For Users

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Instagram would be adding another familiar feature, Reels visual replies for users on its platform.

The feature would allow users to visually reply to reel videos, therefore adding the ability to reply to a video.

So if a user comments on your reel video, a creator can tap on the reply button and add the comment as a sticker into a new reel.

While doing this, they can edit the sticker, take it to any side of the screen they want or change the colour.

Instagram’s announcement for the new feature was made on the official Twitter page of Instagram.

The feature would make the creators interact more with their audience.

Many users commented on the announcement, referring to it as a clone feature of TikTok, as TikTok lets you reply comment with a video.

However, the feature would only be for Instagram reels and not ordinary videos or pictures shared on the platform.

Users can still comment and reply to the comment the usual way they had been doing.

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Instagram clones TikTok feature

Since the launch of Instagram reels, the additions and changes that have occurred to the feature have been TikTok like.

When comparing the two platforms, they are starting to look really similar.

Although, there are still differences like the maximum playtime for each platform.

TikTok raised its maximum playtime to three minutes from one minute, while Instagram reel playtime is just a minute.

Some similarities include the duet feature on TikTok, which allows users to remix videos posted.

Instagrams also allows users to remix reel videos.

Also, both platforms have the text to speech feature and a voice effect feature.

Although, these features were first initiated on TikTok before Instagram introduced it to its reels.

Implication for you reading

Although it might seem like a clone feature, it is one of the ways Instagram is updating its platform.

Recently, Instagram has been releasing a series of features on its platform.

It said it would be introducing NFTs to its platform.

Also, Instagram introduces a moderator feature that allows creators to control comments during live streams.

With a feature like Reels visual replies, many creators can engage better with their audience.

And give them the content that is in demand.

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