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Jumia Tech Week is Live – Get The Best Out Of It

Jumia Tech Live

If you’re truly a tech enthusiast then you should be having one of two things right now; an empty cart, or one that’s overflowing with many tech goodies.

Quite frankly, it’s okay for you to have an empty cart right now. But, just to be clear, the only condition under which that is permissible is if you emptied it to create room for the tech gadgets you plan to stuff in there later this week.  

It’s day 4 of Jumia Tech Week and there are millions of mouth-watering offers flying around. If you’re yet to participate, then you surely have missed out on a lot.

But, the show is still on and you haven’t missed all the best parts yet. As we go on, I’d be pointing you to the best parts of this week-long event. So, stay with me.

What’s the fuzz all about?

Jumia Tech Week Promotion

Before the event got underway on Monday, Jumia had done some heavy promotions.

Also, several influencers in the tech space have talked about it ceaselessly for months.

This might leave you wondering; what’s all the fuzz about? Well, I must tell you so I’m going to.  

Jumia Tech Week is the biggest online tech sales in Nigeria. We all know that there’s Black Friday and that’s on the grandest level.

But, think of a Black Friday that only focuses on the sales of tech gadgets. Now, imagine that it only happens in Nigeria and a couple of other African countries.

That picture in your mind right now is what Jumia Tech Week is all about. 

During the week-long event, leading tech brands like Samsung, Huawei, Intel, Apple, and Tecno among others list their product on the platform with amazing discount offers.

You might be seeing tons of offers for smartphones flying on different posters during the event. However, that’s not where it all ends.

A wide range of products is featured on the platform during the sales week. You’d get to enjoy offers on smartphones, PCs, smart accessories, TV sets (both smart and otherwise), and a lot more gadgets.

Now, here’s one major highlight of the event. If there’s one thing that Nigerian’s look forward to during the sales week every year then it’s undoubtedly the treasure hunt. 

Jumia’s treasure hunt

This is one of the most popular segments of Jumia Tech Week. The biggest winners from the event always come from the treasure hunt.

In past editions, lucky folks have won huge prizes like refrigerators and smart TV sets for as low as ₦1500. Last year, one lucky winner, Mr. Bamisile Adeniji walked away with the PS4 console for just ₦1500. 

This year, the treasure hunt is back. You probably might have missed a few hunts and lost the prizes that come with them. But, there’s still room for you to gear up.

This Friday, Jumia will be hosting another treasure hunt. There will be two separate hunts on that day.

One will start at exactly noon, while the other will start by 6 pm. Participants will be able to get the hidden devices at a 90% discount.

Now, if that happens to be a PS5, you’d be getting it at the same cost for regular earphones or even less. Get to win a PS5 in this year's Jumia Tech Week

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How does Jumia’s treasure hunt work?

Chiefly, it’s a simple game of fun and huge gains. Usually, Jumia announces the date and time for the treasure hunt beforehand. That way, all interested participants can get ready to hunt away. The hidden treasures (products to be found) are also announced alongside. After giving out this information, Jumia proceeds to hide the gadget in any section on its e-commerce store. 

As you very well know, there are many product categories on Jumia’s platform. This makes it challenging to find Jumais treasure. However, hundreds of thousands of online shoppers stay at it for hours, and eventually, one lucky winner emerges. 

There’s, however, only one clause for participation. To get into the hunt, you must access the Jumia store through its mobile app. To stand the chance of joining the treasure hunt, you can download Jumia’s app here if you use an android device or here for iOS devices.

What other interesting offers are up this year?

Asides from the treasure hunt offer which we have established to be inarguably the biggest, Jumia has got some other interesting offers lined up this year. Here are a few of them; 

  • Flash sales: These are discount offers for specific products that will only be up for a short time. This year, there will be flash sales on every day of the week-long sales promo. The flash sale will start by 2 pm daily and end shortly after. 
  • Spin and win: The spin and win promos will also be held in-app and participants will be able to win several amazing gadgets for free. 
  • MasterCard discounts: Consumers will get up to 20% when they checkout on JumiaPay with MasterCard. 
  • Free deliveries: Jumia will be allowing free deliveries to selected locations with Jumia Prime Plus. 

With all of these offers, you should be able to cart away some good deals at the end of the week. Are there products you’ve been eyeing through the week? Let us know in the comment section below.

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