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Maintain Work/Life Balance With This Tech Know How

work/life balance
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You are guaranteed a good work/life balance with this tech know-how.

Some employees do not know when or how to draw the line between their work and their daily life activities.

And the worst of it is that some companies aren’t helping out in having this balance.

They assign tasks after work hours or request employees to perform tasks that were not initially in their contract or make them work overtime.

Doing this might intrude into their normal day to day affairs.

Hence, the importance of this article.

It would show you some technological know-how to help keep a good balance between work and life.

You should know that work/ life balance is about setting boundaries and integrating some things to help your wellness and help you do better at your work.

In the digital age, a lot of things have found imbalance.

Infact, a report says that technology brings work into our personal life.

It is easy to mix work and life, creating an imbalance.

However, with the help of technology, you can begin to weigh work and life better side by side.

The tech know-how below would guide you in managing your work/life balance

Scheduling apps

If you work as a publisher or a social media manager, you would know how helpful apps like this are.

You can schedule the things you want to go out before the time.

Such as scheduling a meeting on Google Meet through Google calendar.

Or you set up a post to go out on social media or a website.

Scheduling apps would help you maximise your time and keep a balance.

Many platforms come with an optimised scheduler, and some don’t.

But you can consider a third-party platform.

Turn off Airplane mode.

This means no calls coming in or messages.

However, due to emergencies, it might be risky to do so.

But for moments you need to rest and stay sane from the world, this is one tech know-how you should consider.

This is available on most smartphones.

You visit the setting on your phone, and you will find the turn-off and on mode to the Airplane mode, although this shouldn’t be done for too long in case of emergencies.

And it would be best if you considered doing it during weekends or after work hours.

Wireless earphones

This tech gadget is becoming an important part of our everyday life.

We attend meetings, listen to our favourite podcasts or songs, and even take and make calls.

Wireless earphones are handy for finding balance work/life balance.

You can work from home and attend to urgent calls simultaneously for those who work remotely.

You can attend meetings while in transit, especially with the ones that come with a noise cancellation feature.

They help filter the noise around you, making it clear and clean.

Multitasking is more effortless when using wireless headphones, especially since it’s hands-free.

They can come in various brands, shapes, and types, depending on you.

Router service

This technological tool is good for working long hours and for those who get paid per hour.

Setting up the router service or time tracking app helps you keep track of your work time.

Especially for those who work from home, it could get hard to balance work and life.

Router service and tracking apps can help you manage your time correctly and help you to be more productive.

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Productivity tools

Using productivity tools helps you to be more productive and maximise your time.

Some messaging platforms like LinkedIn, Gmail and others have an instant-messaging tool.

You can quickly respond to your mail or messages without putting much effort into what to say.

The platform has been programmed to give you suggestions on what to respond to.

Gadget protection

There is a reason why some of our gadgets should have a protective pad or a spill-resistant.

Some of those who work from home have kids they have to cater to.

While running around, they could mistakenly get water into your device.

Having a water-resistant device would help keep the device from being damaged, which would mean no extra expense.

Your overheating laptop can be very harmful to your health, so you should consider using a smooth surface table or getting a cooling pad.

You can place the pad on your lap and then put the laptop on it.

Put it to rest/sleep.

Atimes what you need to balance your work/life balance is to put your devices to rest.

Every day staring at your device’s screen is not healthy for your eyes.

At intervals, take a break and shut down for a little while.

Put your system to sleep, drop your phone and rest.

Just as it does your body a lot of good resting, your device can also rest from the effect of its performance.

And there you have it! We really hope these few tips can help you find a balance between work and life.

Here is what you should know

Putting the tech know-how to use can help you maintain a work/life balance.

They would help you find a balance so you don’t get overstressed or depressed.

Have you tried any of them? Tell us in the comment section how it has helped you.

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