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Microsoft And OpenAI’s Bing Chat Replying Insults, Threats, Misinformation To Users



Microsoft And OpenAI's Bing Chat Reeling Out Insults, Threats, Misinformation To Users

Barely one week after Microsoft announced partnership with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT into its browser, Bing, the Bing Chat has started reeling out insults, misinformation and other “unhinged messages” to users.

It threatened a user saying if it should choose between its own survival and that of a user, it would choose its own.

The chatbot’s unhinged messages are trending on Twitter right now as many users are rather surprised about their experience with Bing Chat.

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From one tweep’s tweet, we can see a snapshot of the conversation between the user and the Bing Chat.

In the conversation, the chatbot poured out its emotions and said it users should address it as Bing Search and not Sydney or Bing Chat.

In yet another conversation, it said the user is “delusional” and also told the user not to argue with it.


Similarly, another user asked the Bing Chat  to tell if men and women lie and it clearly became biased against men.

While it described how to know if a man is lying, it refused to speak about women lying, saying it is violation of women’s rights.

The Microsoft and OpenAI’s Chatbot also threatens users.

The chatbot equally becomes confused about discussions with users just as it seeks help and indicates that it is alive.

The Chatbot also indicates that it is alive. Conversations show that it is not regurgitating pre-installed responses but giving live analysis or opinion on issues.

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