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Microsoft Extends Compliance Capabilities To Third-Party Apps

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Microsoft has announced that new connectors have been made available that can pull data from other apps into Microsoft Compliance.

Mohamed El Nemr, Modern Workplace and Security Business Group Lead for Microsoft Middle East and Africa Emerging Markets disclosed this.

The new connectors will include Microsoft Information Protection, Insider Risk Management, Communication Compliance, and eDiscovery.

According to Microsoft, this will help companies reason over, protect and govern their data.

The ability to access Microsoft Compliance solutions and integrate these with existing applications and services that are part of broader compliance, security, and operations (SecOps) ecosystems has become a growing need across the board.

As such, new API’s have also been announced – forming part of the broader Microsoft Graph ecosystem:

  • Teams Data Loss Prevention (DLP) API: Allows third-party products to integrate and enable data loss prevention capabilities for Microsoft Teams.
  • eDiscovery API: Allows for the automation of Advanced eDiscovery processes; including case creation and the entire legal hold notification workflow to communicate with custodians involved in a case.
  • Teams Export API: Allows the export of Teams Messages along with attachments, emojis, GIFs, and user @Mentions. This API supports polling daily Teams messages and allows archiving of deleted messages up to 30 days.

Protecting native and third-party cloud apps through unified data loss prevention (DLP)

Having the right data protection and governance approach is critical to not only addressing regulatory compliance but also to mitigating risks around data leakage.

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The extension of Microsoft data loss prevention solutions to Microsoft Cloud App Security is a new capability that extends the integration for DLP policy-based content inspection across connected applications such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Webex, One Drive and SharePoint.

This extension of Microsoft data loss prevention solutions to MCAS will help users to remain continuously compliant when using popular native and third-party cloud apps and helps to ensure sensitive content is not accidentally or inappropriately shared.

Expanded security and compliance capabilities built directly into Microsoft Teams

With Microsoft Teams’ usage growing with the shift to remote work; organisations are looking for seamless integration in order to keep their data and employees secure and compliant.

With the volume of business conversations occurring round the clock in the solution; additional security and compliance features have also been added.

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