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Windows 11: Microsoft Renames Media Player, Introduces Clipchamp For Video Editing

Windows 11: Microsoft Renames Media Player, Introduces Clipchamp For Video Editing
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Microsoft has renamed its Windows Media player and launched Clipchamp, a new video editing app for Windows 11.

Its Windows Media Player now bears a new name, Windows Media Player Legacy.

With this name change, don’t expect to find the usual Media Player app on OS.

Meanwhile, the company has equally rolled out many other features to improve search and other functions.

Moreover, Clipchamp is coming after the company stopped its former video editing app, Windows Movie Maker.

The company acquired Clipchamp last year and now, Microsoft is integrating it into Windows 11.

Uses of the app:

You can use the app to trim video clips, split clips and add transitions to video projects for good output.

Windows 11: Microsoft Renames Media Player, Introduces Clipchamp For Video Editing

The app also has screen recorder feature that allows you screen-shot your video project and share.

Features of the app:

Clipchamp is a browser-based app. So, with your browser, you can launch the app.

It has a timeline just like Adobe Premier Pro. It also has templates and a filters that you can choose from and produce good videos.

Also, the App has a media library and a catalogue of cool styles styles to let you create nice videos that look professional.

Clipchamp also supports multi-track audio capabilities that allows you add as many audio tracks as you want.

So, you can add songs at the background while the original voice track of your video clip maintains its track.

According to Microsoft, the video editing app is user-friendly, so you will not face the kind of challenges associated with other video editing software.

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Striking quality of the Clipchamp:

Microsoft’s new video editing software has an Azure-powered text-to-speech generator.

What this generator does is that it helps you create texts using voiceovers.

Microsoft integrated about 70 languages  that you can use to create voice-to-text.

The company also integrated OneDrive with the app for more storage that stores directly to cloud.

What Microsoft is saying:

Microsoft said Clipchamp is now an “inbox” app in Windows 11.

This means that it will pre-install the app on all new Windows 11 devices.

To support good editing with Clipchamp, Microsoft also integrated the Microsoft Family app as an inbox app.

It adds features such as filters for Edge, screen time activity on Xbox, Windows, and Android, and family location tracking.

Microsoft also added that “Starting early next week, we will begin rolling out an update for Search in Windows 11 that highlights interesting moments in time.”

Head of Microsoft’s Windows Insider program, Amanda Langowski,  said as follows:

“The search box in Start and Search will periodically update with content, including fun illustrations, that help you discover more, be connected, and stay productive.”

According to the tech company, its new search highlights will show moments like holidays, anniversaries, and other moments in time.Windows 11: Microsoft Renames Media Player, Introduces Clipchamp For Video Editing

It said you can now find recent search results at the side of your screen.

Meanwhile, it said  if you sign in with a work account, then files and contacts through Microsoft Search will be displayed.

However, if you don’t want the search or feel its a bit of disturbance to you, then you can turn off the search highlights feature.

Other features:

Other changes that Microsoft is adding are improvements to clear up some of the legacy of Windows.

For instance, its Print Queue is getting updated to match the Windows 11 design.

Microsoft has also given new Fluent Design icons to both Quick Assist and Windows Sandbox.

Windows Media Player has been renamed to Windows Media Player Legacy. It’s clear that the new Media Player app for Windows 11 will eventually mean Windows Media Player will disappear from the OS.

As always, some of these changes won’t appear in Windows 11 for months. Microsoft rolls out features gradually, and the company is no longer waiting on big annual feature drops to update Windows 11.


With Clipchamp, Microsoft has resuscitated the Movie Maker which it discontinued.

This will give users a quick editing opportunity to edit their video clips.

Also, the search update is equally a development many will love as it displays information you can easily make use of, cutting the hassle of surfing for such information.

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