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Users Can Now Run Thorough Background Checkup On Tinder

Background Checkup On Tinder
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Check on your matches with a thorough background checkup on Tinder.

The Tinder swindler is one of the most popular Netflix documentary show presently.

A man disguised as a wealthy man swindled women on the Tinder app.

This shows the happenings on the platform and how many have fallen victim to swindlers on the dating app.

Interesting, Tinder is releasing a new update that would change things on its platform.

Tinder users can now run an in-app background check on their matches.

In a news update by the company, the background checkup would look like possible violent and harmful past behaviours.

However, this is only possible as Tinder partnered with Garbo, a nonprofit organisation that runs online background checks.

This partnership would be a great deal for Tinder as it would be “relevant to the user’s safety”, says Garbo.

Although, it would exclude some information as drug possession or loitering.

But it would include personal information like their phone number and their addresses.

Users would have access to two free background checks and searches.

After the free ones, they can now pay $2.50 plus to access more searches.

The amount would be paid directly into Garbo operations and fund other things associated with the searches.

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How to use Tinder’s in-app background check

To run a background checkup on Tinder, you should be a user of the platform.

The user would click on the blue shield in the app>>Go to the safety centre.

This would directly lead them to a Garbo article that leads to the website when you click it.

On the website, fill in the detail of the person (name and number).

If the result comes out, you will see all you need to know.

But if the search doesn’t yield any result, users can put in more information like age.

However, Garbo has said that the search feature doesn’t truly guarantee the trueness of a person.

And it doesn’t also guarantee the safety of a person, so they should follow the safety tip on its platform.

Tinder is committed to growth.

The dating app has been committed to seeing its platform grow yet ensuring the safety of users.

Background checks feature would enable their safety while connecting with their matches.

They would know who to meet up with and who not to.

In 2020, it had added a verification ID that helps verify users on its platform.

The feature would help signal through a blue verified mark that they are verified on the platform.

Asides, this is Tinder’s way of creating more revenue through its platform.

Implication for you reading

This is an amazing one for those who use the dating app.

It is one of Tinder’s latest safety-oriented features for users.

Therefore, in this case, there is no repetition of a swindler.

However, Tinder says the feature would only be available to those in the US for now.

But it hasn’t spoken about spreading to more countries.

If you are in the US, please check the feature out and update us in the comment section on how it has been.

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