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Microsoft Warns Toll Fraud Malware Can Wipe Your Account, Others

toll fraud
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If you are using an Android phone, you’ve got to hear this warning from Microsoft. Microsoft said that a malware is going around Android devices that can drain money in your wallet. The “toll fraud”, a subcategory of billing malware, has a unique quality compared to other malware like call fraud or SMS fraud. SMS and call fraud involve sending messages and calling a number, which often appear similarly.

However, toll fraud has a complex attack flow which comes in a multiple-step in malware developers are working on.

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According to a blog post by Microsoft, the Android malware works this way. It uses a malicious application to subscribe users to premium services without their consent. Interestingly, this malware type has continued to evolve.

One of the things Microsft was able to notice about the malware is how it targets users of specific network operators. It would only affect a device subscribed to this particular network operator.

By default, it uses a cellular connection for its activities and forces a device to connect to the mobile network even if a Wifi is available.

After connection to this mobile network, it initiates a fraudulent subscription without the user’s consent. Then it finds a way to suppress SMS notifications. Typically, an SMS notification would allow a user to be aware of such activities and stop such service from going through.

Also, toll fraud uses a dynamic code, making it hard for a mobile security solution to detect a fraud act. This is because part of the code is downloaded to the device in some parts of the attack flow.

However, Microsoft shared some things users can do to prevent these attacks.

Things you can do to prevent such malware?

Toll fraud is such a technical malware to have existed and brings a vast amount of financial loss. However, with these subtle guides below, you can secure your Android devices from getting attacked, preventing future loss.

  • Avoid installing applications on your phone from untrusted sources. Install application from Googe play store and other trusted sites.
  • Ensure that you always keep your device updated to the latest. If it doesn’t receive updates, you need to change it.
  • Be careful with the permissions in which you grant applications. Thoroughly read SMS notifications and understand why an application needs your access.
  • It would be best if you considered malware solutions on your Android device; an example is Microsoft defender.

Following the steps above, you can avoid the toll fraud malware. Do you want to know more about malware? Click on the link here.

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