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Netflix Adds Option To Remove Shows, Movies From “Continue Watching” Row

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Video-streaming platform, Netflix has added a new feature that allows you remove shows and movies from the “continue Watching”row.

This means you now have access to delete any unfinished video or shows you were watching but lost interest or stopped watching.

It also means you now have access to clean up your Continue Watching” row of all videos or shows you have not finished watching but have lost interest in them.

Netflix said it has already rolled out the new feature on its web, TV apps and mobile.

The streaming platform announced this development on Tuesday.

How to remove unfinished videos or shows on Netflix:

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To remove a show or movie, do the following.

First, select the offending show or movie in the Netflix’ row.

Then, scroll down to new feature, “Remove from Continue Watching” option to clear it.

Thirdly, clicking a second time will quickly undo the removal, in the event you accidentally remove that octopus documentary that you’ve been really, truly meaning to get around to watching one of these days.

The update isn’t the most monumental change to Netflix’s UI.

Also, the Continue Watching row does hold an important place in the streaming site’s design.

In short, it is one of the first things that users see when they open up Netflix on their phones or TVs.


Netflix is giving everyone just a little bit more control over what and how they watch shows and videos on Netflix.

Also, curation over what actually shows up in that row is a welcome addition.

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