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YouTube Adds Feature Allowing You Like, Dislike, Share Videos While Watching

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YouTube has rolled out a feature that allows you like, dislike, comment or and share videos while watching.

The video platform said the new feature would be available on both Android and iOS devices.

Recall that before now, the platform hid all these buttons behind a swipe-up gesture on the “more videos” section.

However, the new feature makes these buttons visible and right there in front and center of the screen.

YouTube has also pushed related videos to the one you might be watching to a button in the corner.

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How the new feature works:

The new feature appears on your screen whenever you are watching a video in full screen.

Before the changes, watching a video in portrait mode gives you easy access to the share button and other controls.

Then, the landscape mode usually hid these controls.

Also, before the new user interface (UI), you would tap on the comment section while in portrait mode to open it up.

Then, after tapping on the section, you would switch into full-screen mode.

However, the new change has made access to the controls possible even in landscape viewing mode.

Now, you can pull controls up by tapping the comment button.

Consequently, what you get on portrait mode is what you get on landscape mode.

Also, Google has allowed users to easily access the mode that shows comments during landscape viewing.

YouTube has started rolling out the new feature on both Android and iOS on Monday.

So far it doesn’t appear to have made it to everyone, but multiple people (including one on The Verge staff) have reported having the new design.

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