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Netflix Launches Free Plan For Android Users: But On These Conditions

Kenya, :Netflix Launches Free Plan For Android Users: But On These Conditions

Netflix has said it is launching a free plan that allows Android phone users to watch its popular movies for free.

Netflix said it “wants everyone to be able to enjoy the suspense of Blood & Water, the romance of Bridgerton and the adventure of Army of the Dead.”

With $9 dollar monthly subscription, it had 192.95 million paid subscribers worldwide as of second quarter of 2020.

Meanwhile, the new free plan, according to the company, will be rolling out over the next few weeks.

This is the first time the streaming platform is making its services completely free.

Although last year, it made some of its contents free for some users.

Also, few years ago, the streaming service experimented with lower pricing for its services.

Particularly in 2018, Netflix introduced a $4 mobile-only plan in Malaysia. It limited the plan to standard definition.

Likewise in India, it experimented another lower subscription plan for users who signed up for a whole year.

The subscription plan gets users access to a massive library of movies, documentaries and TV shows.

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The subscription plan also provides consumers original shows, and allows users to download their favorite shows and watch them offline.

However, with the free plan, users will no longer have to provide any payment information when signing up.

They will not also have to pay a dime.

Meanwhile, the streaming platform said those to benefit from the free plan must meet certain condition.

Those eligible for Netflix’s free plan:

The streaming platform said only those in Kenya are eligible for the free plan.

So, if you are not from Kenya and or living in Kenya, then the free plan is not for you.

Netflix said it is giving access to Kenyans to experience some of its popular series and films.

According to the company, “Now, we’re giving audiences in Kenya the chance to experience these stories for themselves — completely free of charge.”

Other conditions for benefitting from the free plan:

Netflix said although users won’t be asked to provide payment information, they will however, provide other personal details as follows:

In order to access the free plan, Kenyans need to provide their email addresses.

Also, they would have to confirm they are 18 years or above.

Likewise, users in Kenya must create a password and they must use an android phone to access the free plan.

Additionally, the smartphone must be in Kenya.

With the free plan, Kenyans can enjoy a quarter of Netflix’s library, but not Netflix’s full catalog.

Although Kenyans can also watch Netflix videos through a TV or laptop, it has to be on a paid subscription.

Why Netflix is launching free plan for Kenyans:

Netflix said majority of people in Kenya have not experienced the streaming service before.

It said this free plan will give Kenyans the opportunity to experience its popular shows.

The streaming platform said it wants its Kenyan users to upgrade for a paid subscription after trying the free plan.


Surely, many Kenyans will be able to stream shows on the platform for free.

This will also attract many users to upgrade to paid plans.

Also, Netflix will likely grow its subscriber base beyond what it has now, with additions from Kenya.

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