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Now You Can Tighten Your Shoes Without Touching Them

Hello Passenger, Let's Take You To A World Where You Can Tighten Your Shoes Without Touching Them
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Hey there, passenger! Seems like we’re going on a trip into the future.

Who knew you’ll ever be able to tighten your shoes without having to touch them.

“Hey shoes, tighten up.”

It sounds weird, doesn’t it? But as much as we’d like to convince you that it’s not true, well, it is!

Nike and Google have done something unique. Using Google’s Assistant Integration, you can do this.

With this, you can stay away from the conventional methods of getting things done.

Your voice can finally take you into the future. Who would have thought!

What is this anyway?

Hello Passenger, Let's Take You To A World Where You Can Tighten Your Shoes Without Touching Them

Nike Adapt BB Basketball Shoes

With Nike Adapt BB Basketball Shoes, it appears that anything is possible.

All you have to do is say, “Hey Google, tighten my shoes.”

Best believe you’ll be strapped and ready to shoot some hoops!

And get this, you don’t even have to touch anything.

In 2018, Google did reform for its Google’s Assistant Integration feature.

The reformation allowed users to use the feature simultaneously alongside other apps.

Additionally, it longer took up your entire screen space.

This update doubled the features engagement.

However, users requested that they’ll want the app to offer them more.

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Let’s not forget the extras

Hello Passenger, Let's Take You To A World Where You Can Tighten Your Shoes Without Touching Them

Google’s Assistant Integration feature is compatible with other applications.

For instance, with The Nike Run App, you can begin your sprint without having to open the app and do all those manoeuvrings.

You can also use to feature to say something like “Hey Google, check the news on Twitter.”

You can also customise the voice settings to whatever is most convenient for you.

For instance, instead of saying, “Hey Google, tighten my shoes,” you can say, “Hey Google, lace it.”

You should really pick something you can remember so you won’t have problems navigating the feature.

What else?

Clearly, you’re aware Google’s Assistant supports a lot of other features.

To spice things up, Google is adding a ‘Discovery’ tool to it as well.

What this means is you can search for something on Google and get feedback, as you should.

However, there’s a new addition to it.

Along with your feedback, you’ll also be provided with an action option.

At the moment, this feature is available on thirty different Android applications.

Additionally, it’s also compatible with Snapchat, Spotify and others.

Google also made it possible for developers to optimise their applications.

Notwithstanding, we’re all looking forward to every feature and gadget we use to be voice-activated.

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