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Samsonite’s Konnect-i Backpack Connects With Your Smartphone Using Google’s Jacquard Tech

Meet the Konnect-i backpack supported by Google's Jacquard technology
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Samsonite’s new backpack allows you to perform specific actions on your smartphone without having to touch or look at your screen.

Sounds like some other gadget that you know? It sure does to us.

We understand if you didn’t get all excited to hear about this new lifestyle gadget.

There are many smart and easily accessible devices that help you interact with your smartphone, just like this one.

There are smartwatches, air pods, and several other gadgets that sync with your smartphone and allow you to use it smoothly while on the go.

This new backpack will be going up against several other tech gadgets that might be able to throw it out of the water before it even settles.

So, why should you give this backpack a chance? 

Jacquard technology digitizes wearable items

Unlike smartwatches, the Konnect-i backpack allows you to keep your head up and your eyes on the road while controlling your phone on the go.

The phrase “Keep your head up” might make a pretty good campaign theme for this gadget.

Technically, that explains its edge over other devices.

Why is that important?

Consumers can overlook this gadget’s unique offering.

However, there are specific scenarios that might help you see and appreciate its use.

Imagine you’re a biker trying to navigate your way through a new town.

You’d want to be able to use the Google Maps for directions without having to look down.

Now the Konnect-i backpack will come in handy in a situation like this.

With it, you can activate the Maps using a pre-assigned gesture. 

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How does it work?

The backpack uses Google’s Jacquard technology.

Google’s Jacquard technology was designed to make our everyday wears smarter.

This technology can be used on jackets, shoes, and backpacks, adding digital functions to them through a minuscule tag. 


The jacquard tag is inserted into one of the straps on the Konnect-i backpack.

The strap that houses the tag was also designed to be touch-sensitive.

Using the touch-sensitive strap, users can control their smartphones with selected gestures.

The gestures could include; swiping down or up, double-tapping, single tapping, etc. 

To use the tag, you would have to download the jacquard app on your smartphone.

The app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

After downloading the app and inserting the tag into the backpack, you can assign different features to preferred actions. 

The Google Jacquard app for connecting smartphones to fabric

There are many actions that you can activate with the backpack.

You can pick up a phone call or play a song on your favorite playlist.

You can also start Google Maps or take a selfie.

The jacquard tag lights up the touch-sensitive strap to notify users of an incoming text or call, 

If you’re looking for a fun video that shows this backpack in use, we’ve got one right here for you.

Samsonite posted an ad on its website showing a sloth using the bag and having a great time.

Want to see what that looks like? Here it is. 


More about the backpacks

The Samsonite backpack (powered by Google) comes in two variants.

There’s a standard size option that’s going for $299. And, there’s a slimmer version for $199.

Interestingly, the bags look quite fashionable and trendy without extra features. 

It’s not unusual to spend upward of $200 on a backpack. So, if a bag comes with some extra features like this one, we say it’s a worthy buy. 

But what do you think about it? Would you like to add this backpack to your collection of fashion and tech items?

Or would you consider getting it if you’re traveling or going mountain hiking?

Let us know in the comment section below.  

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