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Of Vanishing Funds From Equity Bank And Zenith Bank Customers’ Accounts

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We now have alleged vanishing funds from Equity Bank and Zenith Bank customers’ accounts! Although this may not be exactly as it is being trended online, there are claims that this could be the new trend in some banks in Africa. So, could it be the new wave –  a wave of vanishing funds from commercial banks’ customers’ accounts? Otherwise, why would a customer’s funds suddenly vanish from their accounts  with their banks claiming ignorant of it?

The gist:

There have been stories of people losing their money at both Equity Bank in Kenya and at Zenith Bank in Nigeria.

At Zenith Bank, people’s dollars in their Domiciliary accounts are vanishing without trace.

Complaints of $11,000 vanishing and another to the tune of N4 million.

Another report just came in that a customer lost $6000 just like that.

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At Equity Bank in Kenya for instance, tweeps have said that several types of fraud have been recorded by customers.

They said many customers have lost various sums of money.

Championing the trend on Twitter is a tweep, Kimuzi with handle, @Kimuzi_ who claimed that his aged mum lost funds from her Equity Bank account.

Here are other people’s complaints of alleged fraud on their Equity Bank Accounts:

Similarly, Zenith Bank Customers in Nigeria have equally complained of losing funds from their axcounts.

Some have gone on Twitter to express their dissatisfaction.

Meanwhile, the recent vanishing of people’s funds may not entirely be unconnected with the use of POS.

So fraudsters are posing as POS agents to steal information on people’s ATM cards and sweep their bank accounts.

Consequently, Bank Fraud has become very common as too many people keep falling victims to different types of bank frauds.

Also, skimming, which is a form of fraud having to do with bank accounts, is one of the commonest scams right now.

Protecting yourself from bank frauds like ATM, P.O.S skimming or fuel Pump skimming should be among your top priorities right now.

Read our full report of tips to avoid bank frauds here.

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