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See New Discounts For All Apple’s Airpods



See New Discounts For Apple Airpods Prices

Apple Airpods prices have dropped, with some versions seeing about $39 discounts across shopping platforms.

For instance, Amazon has just introduced a deal on Apple’s AirPods 2 that makes the accessories cheaper than it has always been.

While a pair of the pods which previously sold at $129 dollars now sells for $99 dollars.

Anybody shopping and wants to know about Apple’s AirPods prices in 2023 should keep reading this report to know which prices are cheapest.

The Airpods 2:

This model of Apple’s AirPods comes with the Lightning Charging Case.

Prices of the Airpods 2 vary on different stores.

While you can get it on Apple malls, you can also get the airpods 2 on Adorama, Amazon, B&H Photo, Best Buy, and MacMall.

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Meanwhile, during the Black Friday, prices Airpods 2 dropped steeply and sales dried up.

Airpods 2 on  Amazon: You can get it for $99.

On B&H, you will get it at $119.99.

On Adorama, you will get it at $139.99.

While on BestBuy, the Bluetooth earphone costs 129.99.

On the Apple store, you can get it for $129.00.

Airpods 3 with lightening charging case price discount on platforms:

The Airpods 3 headphone on Amazon sells for $94.

On B&H, it costs $169.00.

Also, on Adorama, it costs $169.00 while;

On Best Buy, it costs $169.99.

Apple store now sells it for $169.00

Airpods 3 with Magsafe Charging Case:

On Amazon, it sells for $204.94.

You can get same headphone on B&H at $174.95.

On Adorama, you will get it at $199.00

While on BestBuy, you will get it at $179.00.

Apple store is selling at $179.00.

Airpods Max (Different Colours):

On Amazon, the Airpods Max costs $529.00 for green; $479.00 for Silver and $499.99 for Sky Blue.

On B&H, the Airpods Max sells for $529.00 for Green, Silver and Pink colours, $519 for Sky Blue and $529.00 for Space Grey.

Similarly, the Airpods Max on Adorama sells for $499.00 for Green, Sky Blue, Space Gray and Pink and $549.00 for Silver.

On Best Bey, the Airpods Max sells for $499.99 for the Green, Silver, Pink and Blue Sky and Space Gray.

Meanwhile, on Apple, it sells for $549.00 for all the colour types.

Apple’s Airpods Pro:

On B&H Photo, you can get the Apple’s AirPods Pro with AppleCare+ at $239.00.

Outside the current price reduction, the Airpods Pro and AppleCare+ would cost you $278 (AirPods Pro at $249 and AppleCare+ at $29).

But with the discount, you will be saving $39 to get both of them.

If you only want the Bluetooth headphone, you can get it for $229.95.

You can get them here.

Airpods Pro price On Verizon:

On Verizon, you will get a $30 discount for the pods.

On the platform, shoppers can get Apple’s Airpods Pro Bluetooth headphones for $219.99.

This is $30 less from the previous price of $249.99. Get it on Verizon here.

On Adorama, the Airpods Pro costs $214.99 while on Apple, it sells for $249.00.

Airpods Pro 2 prices:

The Airpods Pro 2 (2022) prices also vary across the platforms.

On Amazon, you can now get it at $239.95.

Meanwhile, on B&H, you will get at same price as on Amazon, at $239.95.

On Adorama and Apple, you will get it at $249.00 while on Best Buy, you will get it at %249.99.

Airpods Pro with MagSafe (2021):

Best buy is on Adorama, at $199.99.

However, on Amazon and Best Buy, you will get it at $219.99.

On B&H, you will get the Bluetooth headphone  at $209.00 while on Apple, you will buy it at $249.00.

This report has shown you what Apple Airpods prices are on the various platforms and the discounts each has over the other.

Now, its your turn to make a choice.

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