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OPPO A93 Review: Premium Design, Great Battery Life

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Despite being a mid-range smartphone, the OPPO A93 features more high-end specs than most rival smartphones.

Also, the device features a first-of-its-kind Air gesture control, which, to the best of my knowledge, has not been seen on any other smartphone yet.

It also features, among other things, a new quad-camera setup on the rear of the device and a shiny matte finish.

Merely looking at the device, you can easily take it for a high-end device; a style we believe was carefully crafted by OPPO.


Unwrapping the seal and unboxing the phone pack; the device is packed alongside the following;

  • Silicon Pouch
  • Sim Ejector
  • Charging Break
  • Type-C cable
  • Headphone
  • Dual Manual

Unboxing Oppo A93

Below are the major highlights of the OPPO A93 based on our review:

Ultra-thin and Ultra-light Design

Like most OPPO devices, the OPPO A93 also comes with a unique design, quite rare in the smartphone market.

Other than the quad rear-camera setup, more focus is on the device’s colour, and of course, its sleekness.

Having a depth measurement of 7.48mm and a weight of 164g, the OPPO A93 is surely one of the sleekest smartphones around.

There are just three of them in terms of physical buttons – two volume keys and a power button positioned on the left and right side, respectively.

The SIM slot is also positioned next to the volume keys by the right side of the device.

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You do come across the speaker outlet, Type-C power port, mouthpiece, and the headphone jack at the bottom of the device.

Finally, the device has an overall high-end appeal that makes it highly competitive in the mid-range smartphone market.

16.34cm Dual Punch-Hole Super AMOLED Display

OPPO A93 features an intriguing 16.34cm dual punch-hole super AMOLED display.

It will interest you to know that not so many mid-range smartphones offer this benefit, as it is a common feature among high-end smartphones.

Unlike what you may be familiar with, the dual-front cameras are quite mini, measuring just 3.7mm; as such, there is less distraction when streaming movies, playing games or perhaps surfing through the menu.

That’s not all; the device offers a 60Hz screen refresh rate (SRR) which is very competitive in the mid-range market. Mind you, OPPO A93’s SRR is the same as that of Apple’s latest iPhone 12 – Fair enough, right?

Regardless, OPPO introduced an anti-lag algorithm which we will discuss in the latter part of this review.

OPPO A93 boasts of a 2400 X 1080 pixels resolution at 408 pixel per inch (PPI). There is also enough screen brightness as A93 offers as high as 800 nits, as such, you wouldn’t have to strain your eyes while using the OPPO A93 outdoors.

Security-wise, OPPO fitted an in-display fingerprint unlock 3.0, limiting the external features. Similarly, the mini dual hole-punch front camera also doubles as a face-ID scanner for a hi-tech lock system.

Alternatively, users can still make use of the conventional pattern lock, and passcode.

Shiny Matte Finish 

OPPO tilted towards an unusual direction in terms of choosing a befitting colour for the OPPO A93.

Sporting a shiny matte blue colour, OPPO attempted to exhibit the luxurious taste found among high-end automobiles. The choice of colour used on this device is a slight deviation from the conventional gradient colouring as the OPPO A93 exhibits a more luxurious appeal.

The OPPO A93 also comes in Matte Black.

Oppo A93 front & rear camera (108MP)

Among other things, OPPO is highly consistent with its camera system, and it’s not a different case with the A93 device. As stated earlier, the A93 boasts of 6 overall cameras, two at the front and four at the device’s rear side.

The rear camera consist of  Quad camera setup – 48MP, f/1.7, 26mm (Wide-angle lens); 8MP,f/2.2, 119̊̊ (ultra wide angle lens); 2MP, f/2.4 (depth lens); 2MP, f/2.4, (depth lens); accompanied with a LED flash.

At the front of the A93, the mini dual hole-punch camera consists of 16MP, f/2.4 (wide lens) and 2MP, f/2.4 (depth lens).

I was wowed after discovering that the OPPO A93 boasts of an overwhelming 108MP clear image capability. Really, you would hardly come across this on most mid-range devices.

The A93 smartphone comes with the Pro XHD, where a user can manually adjust the ISO, Shutter speed, Temperature, alongside other specific adjustment settings.

Also, you can use the normal photography mode as well as the HDR mode. Overall, I enjoyed using the HDR mode better in outdoor settings than indoor.

Interestingly, the OPPO A93 features many high-end specs in its camera system and offers up to 40X zoom capacity.

Here is what the zoomed photography look like below;

The A93 camera system introduces some new features, including AI portrait colour.

This feature gives your images a vibrant colour splash while fading out the background with a stylistic frame. There is another AI super night portrait which enables you to capture clearer selfies even in low-light areas or perhaps at night.

AI Night flare portrait allows you to convert low-light portraits into a fantastic night time image.

This particular feature uses the HDR algorithm to brighten up photos in dimly-lit environments.

Other super special effects include Dual lens Bokeh specifically for selfie, AI Super Clear Portrait, AI Beautification 2.0

Oppo A93 Review

OPPO A93 intelligence features

The OPPO A93 boasts of several intelligence features cutting across the charging system, power system, and Gesture control.

Air Gestures

OPPO introduced Air Gestures in the A93. Like I have earlier stated, the Air Gesture is enabled by the device’s Artificial Intelligence mechanism. It is the first time OPPO is introducing the feature on its mid-range device to further make it outstanding in the market.

The feature allows you to pick up calls by simply waving your hands upward. Similarly, users can wave across the screen to take pictures. While the screen is very sensitive, it can only respond to the wave gesture within a distance of 20-50 centimeters.

Super Power Saving

There is also an intelligent power saver that allows you to get up to 70-minutes of active time with as low as 5% charge. Once activated, you will only have access to 6 pre-determined apps, including call log, message, Map, or other important apps.

The intelligent feature offers 70 minutes of calling at 5% charge; 49 minutes of SMS at 5% charge; 35 minutes of Uber/Grab at 5% charge; 30 minutes of Google Map at 5% charge.

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Anti-Lag Algorithm Memory Optimization

As discussed earlier, the Anti-Lag algorithm mechanism prevents the device from running slowly. This algorithm detects and clears unnecessary data that may result in memory errors or perhaps allows the device to freeze amid activities.


Lastly, there is an AI charging that intelligently optimizes battery charging at night. This feature studies the user’s active hours and redistributes the last 20% of the charge within 90 minutes prior to the user waking up.

OPPO A93 processor and storage (ColorOS 7.2)

The OPPO A93 comes with a top-tier spec in terms of processor, thanks to its MediaTek Helio P95 AI processing unit.

The CPU boasts of 8-cores with a speed frequency of up to 2.2 GHz. Also, the CPU features two ARM cortex – one A75 prime cores and another A55 cores, both of which operate at 2.2Ghz, and 2.0Ghz respectively.

Memory wise, OPPO A93 features 8GB RAM and 128GB of storage space, which can be expanded up to 512GB with an external SD-Card.

OPPO introduced what it referred to as an Anti-Lag Algorithm. This algorithm detects and clears unnecessary data that may cause memory errors or allow the device to freeze during activities.

The OPPO A93 comes with the upgraded ColorOS 7.2 which introduces a minimalist design and user-friendly interface, resulting in an overall smooth design.

OPPO A93 battery life

Powered by a 4000mAh battery, the OPPO A93 can last for about half-a-day under active usage.

However, it has a music playback time of about two days, at least for the period we listened to music only (using earpiece), the device consumed way less power. On the other hand, users can get about 10-hours of video playback, which is just fine for a mid-range device.

Regardless, users can enjoy an even stronger battery usage by enabling the Super Power Saving Mode. As discussed earlier, this intelligent power saving mode reserves more power even at a low battery percentage.

Price and availability

Available in matte black and blue, the mid-range OPPO A93 is priced at N125, 000.

Interested buyers can go to any accredited store or outlet to purchase the OPPO A93.


The OPPO A93 is worth every penny, and most importantly, it packs a lot of intelligence features.  I’ll give it an 8/10.

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