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Starlink Slashes Hardware Costs in Nigeria, Boosting Accessibility to Musk’s Internet Service

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Elon Musk Bringing His Internet Service, Starlink To Nigeria

In a move that is set to increase the affordability of its internet services in Nigeria, Elon Musk’s Starlink has implemented a substantial 45% reduction in the price of its hardware. The company’s decision to slash the cost of its internet router from N800,000 to N440,000 comes as a welcome relief for consumers in the West African nation, where access to reliable internet connectivity has been a longstanding challenge.

The price adjustment, announced on Wednesday, is a stark contrast to the previous price hike implemented in early March, which saw the hardware cost soar to N800,000 due to the declining value of the Nigerian naira. However, the recent appreciation of the local currency against major foreign currencies, including the US dollar, is believed to have played a pivotal role in Starlink’s decision to lower its prices.

While the monthly subscription fee for Starlink’s internet service remains unchanged at N38,000, the significant reduction in hardware costs is expected to make the company’s offerings more accessible to a wider range of Nigerian consumers. This development comes at a time when the demand for reliable internet connectivity in the country continues to soar, driven by the increasing reliance on digital technologies across various sectors.

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Starlink’s move to slash prices in Nigeria is not an isolated incident, as the company has also implemented a similar price reduction in South Africa, where Musk was born. Despite not being licensed to operate in the country, South Africans have been accessing Starlink’s service through global or regional roaming subscriptions. In an advertisement on social media platform X earlier this week, Starlink announced a 43% decrease in its hardware price in South Africa, from ZAR 12,000 to ZAR 6,800.

The affordability of Starlink’s internet service has been a subject of debate in Nigeria, with its higher costs compared to local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) being a point of contention. However, the company’s ubiquitous satellite service and its ability to provide internet connectivity in areas with poor network coverage have contributed to its growing popularity among Nigerians seeking reliable internet access.

According to data from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Starlink has quickly risen to become one of the leading ISPs in Nigeria in terms of customer numbers. As of Q3 2023, the company’s customer base in the country stood at 11,207, surpassing the subscriber counts of many local ISPs that have been operating in Nigeria for several years.

While the reasons behind Starlink’s decision to slash hardware prices in Nigeria remain undisclosed, the move is expected to further fuel the company’s growth in the country and increase access to high-speed internet services, particularly in underserved areas.

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