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Techuncode 2021 End-Of-The Year Gadgets Shopping Guide For Nigerians

Shopping guide

It’s the end of the year, and many Nigerians are looking to shop for the best gadgets for their families and friends; Techuncode 2021 end of year gadgets shopping guide is here for you.

As a Nigerian tech media house, we researched Nigerian buying behaviour before and during the end of the year period.

And this would contribute to the result of this guide.

The holiday period is drawing near, and shipping is getting farther and more expensive.

It can be pretty overwhelming when there are so many to choose from, so we decided to take the stress away.

There are many things you have saved to get during this period.

Let’s find out some of these things.

Techuncode’s findings for the end-of-year holiday season

Techuncode’s end-of-year report says that 45% of people shop in December, the highest option.

Interestingly, 80% of Nigerians prefer to do their End-of-the year shopping in Nigeria instead of outside the country.

However, 10% of Nigerians prefer to do it in Asia, 11% in Western Europe, 7% in North American and the Middle East, and 2% in other African countries.

Of those who shop, 17% of Nigerians use online platforms, while 38% prefer traditional shopping.

With many Nigerians still shopping traditionally, yearly, the number keeps decreasing.

Compared to last year, there is a decline in offline channels relative to online.

This is because more Nigerians continue to adopt online shopping for end-of-year purchases.

However, Most Nigerians are committed to using online and offline channels to shop during this year’s season.


Why do Nigerians prefer online to offline shopping?

Some of the reasons reason is free shipping offer, better prices, saves time, avoid crowds, greater variety and others

And why they prefer offline to online is that some of them prefer to speak with a sales person, they want to try on the items, they do not trust online security and others.

However, as the world keeps evolving, it’s no news that the traditional/ shopping offline is getting outdated.

Many Nigerians now consider shopping through online platforms, which has resulted in many businesses transitioning to websites and social media platforms.

However, the most important thing for businesses online and offline is to know consumers’ needs during the period.

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According to Techuncode’s end of year shopping guide report, gadgets or electronics are things people are looking to buy.

With 6% of Nigerians willing to buy electronics, it is the 6th popular item people buy at the end of the year.

Food and drinks come first, followed by clothing, apparel and personal accessories, beauty, health and personal care, household goods, and travel.

And then after are items like furniture, toys and artworks comes as the last items on the list.

Shopping guide

Techuncode’s research for Shopping guide

Let’s know more about the season!

The end of the year is that season of the year known as the festive season.

It is when the Christians celebrate the birth of christ and most people and companies shut down for the year,

In doing this, they throw parties and celebrate all they have been able to achieve during the year.

They do evaluations, plan ahead of the new year, go on break and spend time with their family and loved ones.

And it is also the time of the year where most people decide to buy themself a gift for the hard work they did all year.

Also, they gift their loved ones and family.

Gadget people shop for at the end of the year.

According to Techuncode’s research on Nigerians’ end of year shopping behaviour in 2021, there are three top gadgets Nigerians want to get.

They will be discussed below.


Most Nigerians have prioritized a laptop as their most intended shopping Gadget in 2021.

There are many reasons this might be.

As the world evolves, there are many things you can do with your laptop to make money.

There are now many online jobs, and many companies and people now work remotely.

Business owners aren’t left out from this development.

They can now create apps and websites for their business and, with the help of a good SEO specialist, drive traffic to their page and have conversions.

Owning a laptop or Pc at this time the world is evolving is the best gift you can get yourself this end-of-the-year.

There are many laptops to choose from; however, we will show you some of the best ones you can get.

Some of the laptops you should consider include; Apple Macbook Pro, Razer Blade Stealth 13 Ultrabook Laptop and others.

You should know that there are different laptops you can get for different purposes.

There are laptops for children, laptops for cybersecurity, laptops for gaming, for music production and others.



While 29% want smartphones for this year’s end-of-year season.

Smartphones have become a useful instrument to our everyday life.

Smartphones were invented as a means of communication, however it isn’t so any more.

We can use now use our smartphones to do many other things other than communicate.

Depending on the type of phone a person prefers, you can either choose a iOS smartphone or an Android device.

Video games

Video games are very common among young ones and men.

And 14% of Nigerians want to et a video game during this period.

And what’s the best way to put a smile on your child’s face or your husband face if not getting their favourite video games.

However, it could be strenuous looking for the one to surprise them with.

And if you are getting it from yourself,

Some of the games you can get during this season is Nintendo Switch Lite, Ps5, Steam Deck, Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Essentials Kit; Xbox Series S and others.

No Gadgets

18% of Nigerians would not be shopping for a gadget this year.

Some of them would prefer to spend their money on other things like clothes, accessories, personal and health items, food and others.

Implication for you

Hopefully, this shopping guide for the end of the year period was helpful to you.

If you are considering getting any of these gadgets, you can visit a physical gadget store.

And you can also visit online stores like Amazon, Jumia, Konga and others.

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