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Amazing WhatsApp Features Released In 2021

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The instant messaging app consistently released some features to better users’ experience throughout the year. It had crossed over gallantly, breaking its record with 1.4 billion video and audio calls. This was exciting for the Meta owned platform. Giving back to its users, it released many amazing features in 2021. We will be discussing some of these amazing WhatsApp features below.

If you missed any of these features during the year, this article would show you all the releases in 2021 you need to know.

Video and Voice call

One of the amazing features that WhatsApp released this year is a feature that allows users to make both voice and video call on desktop.

In previous years, this was not available on the desktop version of the WhatsApp app.

People could not make voice or video call through the desktop app.

WhatsApp says during the period that “conversations on WhatsApp to feel as close to in-person as possible.”

To use the feature, you need to install the desktop WhatsApp app on your laptop, login into your account.

And then, you can make WhatsApp calls directly from your desktop.

Multiple devices

WhatsApp multi-device feature

WhatsApp multi-device feature

Another amazing feature released by WhatsApp this year is the multi-device feature.

This feature allows you to connect multiple devices simultaneously.

You can use WhatsApp on your phone and four other non-phone devices simultaneously.

Previously users were only able to use one device for WhatsApp activities.

However, with this new feature released, users can now multitask WhatsApp.

They can receive calls on their phones and check out messages on their PC.

For cases whereby their phone battery runs down,  the user can connect to their other devices.

Your phone doesn’t have to be actively close by with your devices to use the feature.

View Once

WhatsApp View Once Feature

WhatsApp View Once Feature

This feature was launched to allow messages to be viewed once, disappearing.

Basically, videos and pictures sent would be automatically deleted when viewed by the person they are sent to.

According to  WhatsApp, “While taking photos or videos on our phones has become such a big part of our lives, not everything we share needs to become a permanent digital record.

On many phones, simply taking a photo means it will take up space in your camera roll forever.”

WhatsApp further adds that the feature would give users control of their privacy.

Interestingly, the feature work as a clone of Instagram, where you can also only view photos and videos after the recipient has opened it.

Basically, View once is for sending classified and sensitive photos and videos to those that can be trusted, says WhatsApp.

Whatsapp also released alongside the feature, a disappearing icon that allows you to set your messages to disappear by default.

Disappearing message default

The WhatsApp feature would now allow you to send photos and videos and disappear chats.

You can set your chats to disappear after 24 hours or 90 days, including the existing seven days option.

WhatsApp believes that not all messages need to stick around for long.

The platform also believes that users should have more control over the messages they send and receive.

Although the feature was introduced last year, it didn’t last.

However, WhatsApp has been able to work on the feature and has made it available to all its app users.

Preview voice messages

WhatsApp released a preview feature that allows users to preview voice messages before sending.

Users can listen to a recorded voice message, and if it sounds absurd, they can decide to dispose of them.

WhatsApp didn’t allow users to do this before.

Earlier, users could only listen to voice messages after being sent to the recipient.

This was that one looked forward feature users needed to access the message they wanted to pass.

To use the feature, follow the steps below.

  • Open the chat
  • Tap and hold the microphone. Or you can slide up to lock hands-free recording.
  • Start speaking
  • When you are done, tap the stop icon.
  • Tap the play icon to listen to your recording.
  • If you are satisfied, proceed to send. However, tap the trash icon to delete the voice message if you are not.

Built-in custom sticker maker

WhatsApp during the year also introduced a built-in sticker maker on its web version.

It allows you to turn normal pictures into stickers and send them to your chat.

Users would access it by clicking on the paperclip icon for attachment. Click on the stickers and send.

WhatsApp said it would be releasing the feature to desktop; however, it didn’t speak about the mobile app.

Although, there are third-party apps that have made creating stickers on the platform easy.

Mute videos before sharing

Previously you could not mute the video you would send to any of your chats.

However, during the year, the meta owned app upgraded its platform.

Users are now allowed to mute videos before sending them to recipients.

Implication for you

The WhatsApp features above are some of WhatsApp’s amazing and exciting features released in 2021.

Some features are available to everyone, while others are to specific groups.

Depending on whichever feature is available, WhatsApp is looking to better the experience of its users,

And hopefully, 2022 will bring so much more features.

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