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Telegram Starts Premium Subscription For $4.99 Monthly

Premium subscription
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Telegram has finally released its premium subscription for users to have more access to its features. It has been said that the subscription plan will give access to extra features for $4.99. Some of the features highlighted in a post include faster downloads, exclusive stickers and bigger uploads (uploading 4GB instead of 2GB). These are the three major features.

Now premium subscribers will have access to 1000 channels, unlike normal subscribers who have access to 500. Also, subscribers can create more chat folders for their chats. They can produce about 20 chat folders with 200 chats each.

Other access includes additional stickers, more pinned chats, more extended bios with links and adding one account on Telegram, making it possible to add four accounts.

Asides from the exclusive stickers, premium users will have access to screen animations and animated profile pictures. Interestingly, there is a text conversion for premium users; it allows them to change their voice conversation to text. This can be used when a user does not have a headphone.

Also, users can change their default chat folder. This will be a place where their chats will automatically store.

Standard users have to see sponsored messages in a public channel, but if you use the premium version, it removes it.

However, this doesn’t mean the free feature won’t remain for users.

Pavel Durov, CEO of Telegram, says that the feature will still be available for people to use. They can download large files, have group calls and use other features that weren’t part of the subscription plan.

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What will this premium subscription mean for users?

The premium subscription has unique features that many users will be interested in.

And not many messaging apps offer some of these features.

Also, this places it at the top of its competitors.

With an already existing user of 700 million, with its upgrade to its existing feature, Telegram is likely to gain more users.

What do you think about this? Please share with us your thought on the Telegram subscription plan.

And will this lead other platforms to begin the subscription plan?

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