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Top In-Demand Tech Skills In Canada

tech skills in Canada

There is no doubt that Canada is one of the top countries that foreigners want to or are relocating to.

One of the reasons is the benefits that foreigners get from Canada’s immigrant policy.

Others are that the country offers safety for people, good medical benefits, a good geographical location, and a standard means of livelihood with good facilities.

Asides from its good quality of life, the country offers many employment opportunities.

On the internet, there are a million job roles and opportunities coming from the area.

These jobs include demands for tech skills or talents.

There is a growing amount of technology changes in the world and this has resulted in a growing amount of tech skills being requested in job ads.

In this article, we will be exploring the top in-demand tech skills in Canada.

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Top In-Demand Tech Skills In Canada

The world has become more digitalized, more than ever.

Many technologies are being developed and new tech companies come into sight as they progress.

Looking into the tech opportunities present in Canada, the opportunities cover different sectors and different companies.

Canada has big companies like Shopify, Hootsuite, Wealthsimple and Behavox.

And with the dynamics of technology, these companies will always require tech talents with the following skills.

  • Software development
  • Full stack developer
  • Business analyst
  • IT project developer
  • Web designers
  • Network engineering

Software development

The IT industry in Canada is one of the fastest growing industries and has continued to attract attention over the years. The IT space is very broad; Programming and software development are tech skills in the industry and is in demand since the technological growth.

Software development involves creating solutions through coding and using other tools. Talents with this skill are very analytical and they are problem solvers.

As technology begins to expand, Canada is adopting some of these technologies.

Canada is also making its country an accommodative and safe place for setups and businesses.

Several big tech companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft have come to set up offices in the country.

And this has made Canada’s tech sector earn the fastest-growing industry in the country.

Software developers are one of the highest-paid individuals in the country.

And most software developers gravitate to places like Vancouver, Toronto, or Montreal for the opportunities they offer.

So if you are looking to relocate to Canada right now, there is a big opportunity awaiting you in the IT industry.

Full stack developer

This is another in-demand tech skill in Canada. And the tech role is also one of the highest-paid roles in the country.

They are also in the IT industry and performs a larger role than a software developer.

The full stack developer comprises the front and backend developers. They have expertise in building computer applications, and websites, writing, debugging and executing code. And they know several programming languages.

According to Canada’s national employment service, foreigners will be a major contributor to the growth in the sector. And this is why there are several demands for talents with the skill.

There will be a lower entry barrier for immigrant talents to gain access to the opportunities the country offers.

Business Analyst

This is another high-paying tech skill that is in demand in Canada. According to the international institute of Business Analysts, it is a tech skill in high demand in Canada. And there is an opportunity for more growth in the industry.

The role of a business analyst is similar to that of a data analyst and can even be interchanged. They analyse large and complex data and use it to influence decisions made by the organisation.

So you should check out business analytical jobs for Canada, opportunities await you.

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IT project developer

The role of the IT project developer is one of the top paying jobs in Canada and is also one of the in-demand tech skills in Canada. An average IT manager earns about $ 91,300 per year and can earn much more.

Although in Canada IT project managers with the SCRUM Master and PMI certifications are much sought after.

The role of an IT project manager is to develop and oversee the implementation of IT projects for big organisations. They manage project budget, risk and analyse progress and give metrics on the project development.

Analysts have confirmed that in the next ten years, IT project managers are expected to be strong.

Website developers

Technological initiatives have led to more organisational development and startup all over the world. Many of these organisations provide innovative services and goods to consumers, creating solutions to problems.

And with internet penetration, they would need an online platform to showcase whatever solution they are bringing, hence the need for a website developer.

The website developer creates and designs a website. The personnel liaise with a UI/UX designer and ensures that the website is up to standard and meets a customer’s expectation.

Organisations sought after website developers and this makes them in high demand.

Also, they help correct issues and malfunctions on the platform.

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Network engineering

Organisations rely on the use of computers and networks to be able to provide the services that they do, share information, get information and others. Hence, this is why network engineers have become important to organisations and can never be enough as new companies keep popping up.

Some of these networks include Intranet, extranet, LAN, WAN and others.

The network engineers are in charge of building, designing and maintaining the computer network on which a company relies. They ensure that the network is secure and solves every troubleshooting issue.

As the internet keeps penetrating and evolving, the role of a network engineer will keep expanding and being in demand.

Network engineers are paid well in Canada and so for a person to qualify they have to possess some sets of technical skills.

Other things to know

Interestingly, the Government of the country has made it easier for foreign talents with the Global Talent Stream visa introduced in 2017.

This has made it easy for people to easily relocate into the country even without tech skills. It could be other things you can do.

However, with the demand in tech, tech professionals can be prioritised and accepted to easily relocate.

Although some other non-tech degrees that Canada is seeking include pharmacy, accounting, Computer science, civil engineering and health practitioners.

Canada is rated for its world-class healthcare which makes the demand for medical practitioners high.


The tech skills above are some of the in-demand skills in Canada. They are high-paying skills that are relevant and have the potential to expand and grow ten years from now. Do you have highlights to share concerning these in-demand tech skills? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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