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Twitter Considers Paying People For Their Tweets With A Tip Jar

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Twitter has been exploring a series of new features since the year began. Reportedly, one of the features it is yet to test might include a feature that allows users to tip on its platform.

That is, users can pay other people for their tweets that they like and make the people earn on its platform.

A tech blogger popularly known for uncovering yet to be launched app, Jane Manchun Wong had shared some screenshots regarding the feature in a tweet last week.

The image included an inscription saying “Twitter is working on Tweet Jar right on the user profile”.

A person’s profile would include a waterlike button at the left image as illustrated in the image below. When a user clicks the button, it allows them to tip through a series of options.

They include Bandcamp, Cash App, Patreon, PayPal, and Venmo.

So, the user can choose from any of the payment options to tip a person whose content they like.

In March, Jane made another tweet saying that Twitter was working on ‘Tip Jar’ in its Twitter Space, Twitter’s recently released Clubhouse-like feature.

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‘Super Follow’ button to charge users

In April, Jane shared another tweet with screenshots showing a new feature.

She tweeted that Twitter was working on a ‘Super Follow’ button that would allow you to charge followers so they can access extra content.

Twitter is working on the “Super Follow” button, as a small circular button, or a big “Super Follow” one p.s. that cash button is for tipping: Twitter is also making their colour scheme more monochrome, and is also using their new “Chirp” font”, Jane said.

She also reviewed that the feature would be coming like a ‘Patreon’ feature.

Interestingly, the image reflected the waterline button, although it comes in black instead of blue.

However, the alleged report is still unconfirmed as Twitter has not given a formal announcement in that regard.

Also, reports are saying that if the ‘Tip Jar’ feature exists, it would only be for some set of specific people.

Maybe for those who have a certain number of followers or for those who dish out engaging content on a basis.

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