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Twitter Finally Releases An ‘Undo Tweet’ Feature For Users

Twitter Finally Releases An 'Undo Tweet' Feature For User

Twitter would now allow users to undo tweets on its platform with its “Undo Tweet” feature.

However, this would be in its recently released subscription package, “Twitter Blues.”

It had said earlier that it would be offering a subscription product that would grow the company broadly.

It would focus on the creator economy by increasing its daily monetisable daily users base.

Asides it has plans to double its annual revenue to over $7.5 billion by the fourth quarter in 2023.

Also, Twitter has said that it will be rolling out the subscription product to several countries.

On Tuesday, it released the premium subscription service to its US and New Zealand users.

Although, this is coming after its official launch in Australia and Canada.

Interestingly, the subscription entails a list of long-overdue features like “Undo Tweet” to allow regular users to remove tweets whenever they want.

Users had been requesting an edit feature, and this seems like the closest consideration Twitter would give to its users.

Also, Twitter has listed a series of other features the subscription would contain.

They include

  • Subscribers would be allowed to view top articles and most shared articles in their network. And this would last for over the last 24 hours. They would be able to read from over 300 news sites, ad-free.
  • Twitter would allow them to upload longer videos that can last up to 10 minutes. However, on the platform, regular users can only upload a two-minute long video.
  • Also, the subscribers would have access to a feature “Reader”. It would make it easy for users to read long tweet threads in a clutter-free format.
  • Asides, Twitter offers a customisation feature. They can customise their profile by making cosmetic changes, adding exclusive app icons, using colourful themes and having a bookmark folder to keep saved tweets organised.
  • And the ability to pin their message at the top of their direct message box.
  • To add under the “Undo tweet” feature, Twitter allows the subscribers to preview tweets before they upload.

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The features will appeal to users who engage on Twitter regularly.

So, Twitter is enabling early access to the features through its recently launched Twitter Labs.

Twitter Labs allows users to gain access to early-stage experiments of its products.

It would be available to both iOS and Android users across the countries it is released to.

However, the service price might vary according to country or access point.

For Android and the web, the service charge would be $2.99.

However, Twitter says the subscription would cost $2.99 monthly for US subscribers and  $4.49. for New Zealand subscribers.

While for Canada and Australia, the Twitter Blue subscription costs CAD 3.49 or AUD 4.49.

Some of these now available features have been made possible with previous acquisitions.

Earlier this year, Twitter acquired Scroll, which works exactly like the read news feature without ads.

The feature allowed users to pay a monthly fee to access websites they already use.

However, ads won’t be available on the sites.

Implication for users

If you are a frequent user of Twitter, this should be good news for you.

Although still available to a few countries, Twitter is making plans to extend it to more countries.

Users in Canada, Australia, the USA and New Zealand can now enjoy access to long-awaited features like “Undo Tweet.”

However, if you are in any of the countries it’s available in, share your feedback with us below.

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