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Uber Reduces Service Fees To 20% For Drivers

Uber reduces service fees, Uber Same Day Delivery

…As Uber Reduces Service Fees So drivers can make more money


Ride hailing service, Uber has reduced its services fees from 25% to 20% for its drivers in both Lagos and Abuja.

The company said it reduced service fees to further show its commitment in helping drivers who use its App make more money.

According to the company, there is a continuous rising cost of business and living expenses.

It said, as a company that considers the plight of the people, it decided to cut down its service fees so drivers making use of its app can make more money.

Reason why Uber reduces service fees:

Country Manger for Uber Nigeria, Tope Akinwumi, revealed this to newsmen in a statement.

According to him, “Uber is committed to helping to facilitate unique earning opportunities for drivers through both innovation and technology.

“Based on local market dynamics, including the rising cost of business and living expenses, Uber has lowered its service fee across Abuja and Lagos.”

Categories of the services to enjoy the service fees cut:

Uber has said that drivers who fall under the following categories of its service package will enjoy the fees cut.

They are drivers on UberX, UberX Hourly and UberX Share.

It also said that drivers will still have access to existing safety features such as 24/7 customer support.

Also, they will still have access to Share my Trip as well as insurance and other safety and support features.

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The country manager noted further saying that the aim of the fees cut is to make drivers have sustainable earnings.

“The intention is to provide entrepreneurs who opt to drive and deliver on the Uber-platform with a sustainable earnings option.”

As a way to help drivers make a living, Uber provides them with a flexible earning opportunity to work and earn.


The implication of this service fees cut is that it will help drivers make more money.

Also, this will in turn contribute to the purchasing power of the people as more people will have more money for expenditure.

This will further help in reducing the rate of poverty in the country.

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