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Users Should Be Allowed To Express Themselves – Snapchat

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Evan Spiegel, the creator of Snapchat, in an interview with BBC, has defended the rights of users of the platform to express themselves.

Evans Spiegel launched the platform at the age of 25 years while studying at Stamford University; which made him one of the world’s youngest billionaires.

He said the users need to be allowed to express themselves irrespective of whether it is appropriate not.

Spiegel maintained that it is taking a “proactive approach” to its platform content with its usage rise.

In October, Snapchat users’ number surged to nearly 250 million due to the pandemic, which was an 18% increase on its year to year increase.

He said:  “We’ve definitely taken a proactive approach to the content that’s distributed on Snapchat, but at the same time, you know, should platforms be responsible?

“For example, for telephone calls, I would say no – if you pick up the phone, and you say something inappropriate and outrageous to your friends, the telephone company isn’t responsible for what your friend said, your friend is responsible.”

He added that it was significant to maintain a balance between reaching many people; than allowing them to express themselves without any barrier.

He further added that he wants his platform to be a place where people can express themself freely.

Spiegel believed that if users say inappropriate things at times; the government has put a framework that will protect that self-expression and free-speech.

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The US needs to invest in the coming generation

Spiegel also spoke briefly on how the US is entering a new level of global competition; and needs to invest in the coming generation.

He adds that with fast-growing economies like China, the US will faces “a century of strategic competition.”

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