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Vivo V23 Series is Rolling Out Stunning Designs and Spectacular Upgrades

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vivo has chosen the perfect time to unveil the V23 5G and V23e that screams luxury, to help users relive “Delight Every Moment”. And what better time than now to have luxury in your hands to capture every love-filled moment?

The goal is to provide you with the finest possible photography experience and vivo is determined to combine the latest technology to deliver that possibility into your hands. That is why these devices have come with exceptional photography features to take photography to new heights.

V23e will combine one of the industry’s top front cameras, along with cutting-edge innovations in autofocus and various portrait modes, including AI Extreme Night and Multi-Style Portrait. This is sure to meet the needs of a superb selfie experience to capture love both in static and in motion. The V23 5G delivers exceptional camera capabilities in various aspects for stunning quality selfies and portrait shots, while wrapped in a convenient lightweight feel. It produces amazing portraits to enhance self-expression with quality photos and lasting memories.

The body designs of the V23 series are stunning and premium. You can guarantee that these devices would turn heads when users walk into a room because premium has had no better seat. V23 5G boasts of an interesting feature that produces a special colour-changing effect under direct sunlight on its exterior. Meanwhile, the mirror finish and satin AG texture on the V23e gives off a stunning look, adding a spectrum of coloUrs from different angles.

In pursuit of artistic perfection, vivo has leveraged technical innovations to deliver users with outstanding yet affordable devices. With just a glimpse of what the V23 series has to offer, you have been launched to a world of new possibilities. As these devices launch very soon, keep your ears on the ground so you don’t miss out on a premium lifestyle in your hands that come along with great pre-order discounts.



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