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What Nigerians Want To Buy During The End-Of-Year Holiday Season

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It’s getting to another end of the year! And many Nigerians are getting ready for the holiday season.

People are readying their shopping baskets and making their holiday list to end the year gallantly.

Children will break their “kolo” (wooden box for saving) while the adults plan to empty their end-of-year savings account.

In celebrating the season, there are no holds barred.

Although the season is known for merriment, it is also an avenue for business-oriented people to make a lot of money.

Techuncode, through data-driven research, decided to gift business ideas for Christmas and New Year in Nigeria.

Most importantly, it shows what Nigerians want to buy during the end-of-year holiday season.

Techuncode’s findings for the end-of-year holiday season

During the end-of-year holiday season, 37% of Nigerians use online platforms to shop, while 63% prefer to use traditional shopping.

With many Nigerians still shopping traditionally, yearly, the number keeps decreasing.

In a comparison between 2018 and 2019, the number of online shoppers increased by 1.3%, as seen in the illustration below.

What Nigerians Want to Buy During the End-of-year Holiday Season

Also, as the world keeps evolving, it’s no news that the traditional way of shopping is getting outdated.

Many Nigerians now consider shopping through online platforms, which has resulted in many businesses transitioning to websites and social media platforms.

However, the most important thing for businesses online and offline is to know consumers’ needs during the period.

What Nigerians Want to Buy During the End-of-year Holiday Season

As seen above, Techuncode’s research report also explains that most Nigerians prefer to shop in November\December, with the latter coming as the top amongst all other months and the highest shopping month for Nigerians.

November is second with 26% as a result of the black Friday sales that holds yearly.

The majority of Nigerians shop during November because of families and friends.

For most, 2020 has been a challenging and eventful year for Nigerians.

This was due to the coronavirus pandemic, the ensuing lockdown, the #EndSARs movement, and the recent national recession, resulting in price inflation.

What Nigerians Want to Buy During the End-of-year Holiday Season

Despite this, 68% of Nigerians are planning to do their shopping for the end-of-year holiday season.

And a combined number of 83% of Nigerians will do so a few weeks before or into December.

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How is the end-of-year holiday season like?

Over the years, the Christmas period has been a time of merriment and get-aways.

A period where people who have toiled the year decide to give back to themselves in the form of shopping, relaxation, and holidays.

It is a season of rest and reflection. Also, it’s a period of loving and giving.

Organizations give breaks to their workers to rest for the year and spend time with family; people travel home to visit loved ones and see longtime friends.

What Nigerians want to buy during the end-of-year 

What Nigerians Want to Buy During the End-of-year Holiday Season

what Nigerians wants to buy during the end-of-year holiday season

According to Techuncode’s research on Nigerians’ holiday shopping behaviour in 2020, there are top three factors a Nigerian considers before shopping.

They include function, price and feature. However, through an online survey, this year, Nigerians are shopping based only on their needs and dependency.

Below are some identified items they plan to shop in 2020, which could also serve as business ideas for Christmas and New year season in Nigeria.

Food and drinks

Topping the list of items is food and drinks with 38%.

Most Nigerians have prioritised food and drink items amongst others this year.

And they are one of the surest things Nigerians want to buy during the end-of-year holiday season.

Nigeria homes, schools, organisations throw parties to merry and dine to end the year.

However, foods/drinks are not only for celebrating the end of the year season, but they are also gifted by schools, organisations, and churches as an emblem of love to colleagues, societies, and charity.

Food items like rice, tomato, groundnut oil, seasoning, chicken and many others are the most sold out items during this period.

A seller can also invest in such.

Despite the recession and decline in the currency rate, most families cannot do without these items.

And, of course, Christmas wouldn’t be complete without that sweet savour of Nigeria Jollof.

Another thing people want to buy at the end of the year period is drinks. This will complement the jollof rice.

Also, as the year’s curtain is closing another season known as the dry season is getting opened.

The dry season is also known as the harmattan season. It is a period in the country where everywhere is dry, hot and dusty.

Many Nigerians take more soft drinks or water during this period as the body gets dehydrated easily.

So if you are looking for a business that will sell out this period, food items and drinks are definitely one of the most sold items.

Apparel, clothing, shoes, bags, jewellery and personal accessories

Clothes fall at 23% as the second most purchased gift items during the end-of-year season.

People get to buy new shoes, cloth, bags, jewellery and other things they had always admired, at this period.

All year, many Nigerians have worked hard and saved a lot for the end-of-year period.

So, there is no better way to show yourself self-love than by getting the clothes, apparel, and shoes you’ve always wanted.

Also, many parents prefer to get their children clothes as gifts during the period.

As clothes are one of the necessities of life to keep us warm and covered so, we can’t do without them.

Another reason why there is a need for apparel, clothes and shoes is the frequent change in trends.

Many people want their wardrobe to stay updated.

So if you are looking for what to sell during Christmas in Nigeria, you’ve got this as it is also one of the most sold items during this period.

Household goods and appliances

Many Nigerians love to get new household goods and appliances during the period.

According to Techuncode’s report, 14% would purchase it during the end-of-year holiday season.

So, it’s the best time most Nigerian homes upgrade their kitchen.

They change items like cups, ceramics, knives, spoons, pots, and other household goods as the items during this period.

Beauty, health and personal care

Coming in as the fourth item Nigerians want to buy during the end-of-year holiday season are beauty, health and personal care products. 11% of people would need it during the season.

Many Nigerians, especially the young adults, would love to go to fancy restaurants, beach, concerts to have fun.

The end-of-year is also a period where so many concerts are held in Nigeria.

To have that end-of-year glamour, people spend money on beauty products like wigs, spa, makeup, organic soaps and cream, sunscreen and many others.


According to Techuncode’s holiday shopping behaviours, the aviation industry will make a lot of cool cash this season.

7% of Nigerians would want to make use of travels during this period. As the holiday season is also festive,  many Nigerians would prefer to spend it with their family and loved ones.

Families get to reunite during this season, and because of that, there will be an increase in the transportation industry; travel bags and boxes sell out well during the season.

In case you are interested in making money during this period, buy as many travel bags as possible, and begin to sell within your community.

Consumer electronics

Standing at 4%, consumer electronics is among what many Nigerians want to buy during the end-of-year holiday season.

However, many would prefer to buy it a few weeks into December as that’s when the yearly black Friday happens.

So, prices are discounted, and items become affordable. Phones, Laptops, Earphones will sell during this period, and it is another avenue to make money.

Many parents might get these items as gifts to their children as everyone is in a festive mood.

Furniture and appliances

In many Nigerian homes, it is another period to replace old and broken furniture and renovate the house to fit into their next year’s plans.

Citing Techuncode’s report, furniture and appliances come in as the 7th item 2% of Nigerians want to buy during end-of-year.

In some organisations, they change the furniture and settings in preparation for the coming year.

So, if you are still considering how to make money this Christmas, don’t miss out on this amazing idea.


Children love toys! And what better way of expressing your love to your child in the season of love than by gifting them a lot of it.

It could come in various sizes, types and forms depending on the gender of the child and many other factors.

With 1% according to our findings, it is one of the things many Nigerians want to buy during the end-of-year holiday season.

Imagine the joy on your child’s face after he /she got the toy they had always wanted.

Selling children toys during this season is among the best selling products for Christmas.


1% of Nigerians want to buy artworks during the end-of-year period.

Many can also gift artworks to their friends and families; it could be portraits of them or paintings that will send drools to their mouth.

Artworks is an amazing gift item many people will appreciate during this period.

Some other gift items Nigerians want to buy during the end-of-year holiday season include:

What Nigerians Want to Buy During the End-of-year Holiday Season

Gift Basket (Hamper)

Topping the list of things Nigerians want to get this season is a gift basket.

According to 2018 data, gift baskets are the most purchased end-of-year gift items among Nigerians.

Many people are willing to buy it as it is easy to hand out as a gift.

The package could consist of ten to over 20 items, depending on the size a person buys.

It could also come as a fruit basket, provision basket, or a basket filled with a mixture of provision and food items.

It is very affordable, and the price varies according to the basket’s size and item worth.

If you are searching for one of the major things Nigerians buy during Christmas, you sure know now.

So get your money and begin to explore this opportunity as it is one of the best things to sell during Christmas in Nigeria.

Christmas card

It is one of the most purchased items and the best-selling products during the Christmas season.

The ringing bells, to the Christmas songs, to the decoration and then the card with well-written heart-warming messages combine to relieve the year’s stress.

Christmas cards are easy to make and, at the same time, easy to sell during the period.

People can create business for themselves by going online and learning how to make a Christmas card.

Christmas cards go hand in hand with the gift basket popularly known as a hamper.

Christmas cards can also be gifted to your family and friends, telling them how much you love and appreciate them and wishing them a merry Christmas and a glorious year together in advance.


Nigerians are known for sharing souvenirs on every occasion, be it a wedding party, naming, burial ceremony, name it!

Things like journals, towels, cups, buckets, and umbrellas are shared.

They are shared by organisations, schools, shop owners as a form of appreciation and a way to end the year.

As a Nigerian, you are either at the receiving end or the giving end.

If you are considering a way to make money during this season, you should consider this option.

Other things include:

Christmas Accessories

We would not call it a Christmas if there are no blinking lights of different colours humming the “We wish you a Merry Christmas” on the streets.

Or the green artificial trees decorated with many Christmas designs and several boxes under.

Let’s stray back to the fireworks we throw with banging noises, and we laugh in dismay at how scared the birds were—the Christmas costumes; the cap, shades, blinking singing wristwatches and many others.

Christmas season isn’t complete without all the accessories.

Many homes are on the move to source for Christmas lights, trees, decorations to create the Christmas ambience.

Also, the young ones are on the lookout for knockouts, firelights to buy to have fun.

If you want to make a lot of money during this period, Christmas accessories are the most sold items during Christmas.


Yes, copies can be sold as products during this season. Although even without the season many have been making money through this medium.

However,  the end-of-year holiday season is another period to invest in making great copies.

Some businesses might not really matter during this period.

But great copywriters can make it matter by selling their skill by providing copies that fit the context of the end-of-year period.

Copywriting is one of the business ideas for Christmas and New Year in Nigeria; although not many know a business can emerge from it.

Many organisations are in search of great copies during this season to promote their business and at the same time, tap into the context of the season.

So, you can make money this Christmas season by making great copies.


So, if you are considering what many Nigerians want to buy during the end-of-year holiday season, to make money this period, we just gave you their minds.

Take the opportunity, get any of the listed items to sell, and you will begin to make money every end-of-year holiday season.

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